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American Conference for Irish Studies/Canadian Association of Irish Studies conference

We are pleased to announce that Peter Lang will be attending the American Conference for Irish Studies/Canadian Association of Irish Studies (ACIS/CAIS) annual conference at University College Dublin, 11-14 June 2014. Please drop by the stand to browse our latest publications in Irish Studies. For more information, or to arrange an appointment, please contact our… Continue reading American Conference for Irish Studies/Canadian Association of Irish Studies conference

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‘Ye whom the charms of grammar please’

This collection of articles by colleagues and students of Leiv Egil Breivik presents studies within both core and peripheral areas of English historical linguistics. Core topics covered include the development of existential there and related phenomena, word order, the evolution of adverbials, null subjects from Old to Early Modern English, pragmatics and information structure and… Continue reading ‘Ye whom the charms of grammar please’

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Jorge Semprún

Jorge Semprún is a leading writer from the first generation of Spanish Civil War exiles, yet studies of his work have often focused solely on his literary testimony to the concentration camps and his political activities. Although Semprún’s work derives from his incarceration in Buchenwald and his expulsion from the Spanish Communist Party in 1964,… Continue reading Jorge Semprún

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Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration

On the occasion of the First World War centenary and upcoming Anzac Day on 25 April, we are pleased to announce our new title: The Great War continues to play a prominent role in contemporary consciousness. With commemorative activities involving seventy-two countries, its centenary is a titanic undertaking: not only ‘the centenary to end all… Continue reading Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration

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‘Tickling the Palate’

This volume of essays, which originated in the inaugural Dublin Gastronomy Symposium held in the Dublin Institute of Technology in June 2012, offers fascinating insights into the significant role played by gastronomy in Irish literature and culture. The book opens with an exploration of food in literature, covering figures as varied as Maria Edgeworth, James… Continue reading ‘Tickling the Palate’

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Fabulous Ireland – Ibernia Fabulosa

According to Petrarch, the Father of the Renaissance, Ireland was almost as well known to the Italians as Italy itself. Visiting Ireland from the comfort of their armchairs, his followers thus knew for a fact that the Irish ate their fathers and slept with their mothers, were welcoming and inhospitable, and were the best and… Continue reading Fabulous Ireland – Ibernia Fabulosa

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Rethinking ‘Identities’

This volume sets out to re-imagine the theoretical and epistemological presuppositions of existing scholarship on identities. Despite a well-established body of scholarly texts that examine the concept from a wide range of perspectives, there is a surprising dearth of work on multiple, heterogeneous forms of identity. Numerous studies of ethnic, linguistic, regional and religious identities… Continue reading Rethinking ‘Identities’

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Peter Lang at the BAFTSS Conference

Peter Lang is delighted to be attending the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (@BAFTSS) Conference in London next week. Please come by the Peter Lang bookstand on 24-25 April to see our latest publications and meet with Commissioning Editor Dr Laurel Plapp. To schedule an appointment, please contact A selection of… Continue reading Peter Lang at the BAFTSS Conference

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Old Borders, New Technologies

Northern Ireland is now generally regarded to be a post-conflict region since the official end to three decades of violence in 1998. However, given some of the stipulations of the Good Friday Belfast Agreement, including the early release of politically motivated prisoners from jail, society in Northern Ireland remains in a state of flux, uncertainty… Continue reading Old Borders, New Technologies