Irish Studies

Authority and Wisdom in the New Ireland published

Since the end of the nineteenth century, Ireland has witnessed a profound reconfiguration of its cultural, political, constitutional and religious identities, resulting in an unparalleled questioning of the dominant discourses and narratives that have seemingly defined the nation. The essays in this collection examine the ways in which established Irish socio-cultural structures of authority and… Continue reading Authority and Wisdom in the New Ireland published

Asian Studies, Film Studies, Game Studies, Korean Studies, Media Studies

Korean Screen Cultures published

The «Korean Wave», or Hallyu phenomenon, has brought South Korean popular culture to the global population. Studies on Korean visual culture have therefore often focused on this aspect, leaving North Korea sidelined and often considered in a negative light because of its political regime. Korean Screen Cultures sets out to redress this imbalance with a… Continue reading Korean Screen Cultures published

Cultural Studies, French Literature, history, Literature

Crossing Borders published

In the twentieth century, the boundaries between different literary genres started to be questioned, raising a discussion about the various narrative modes of factual and fictional discourses. Moving on from the limited traditional studies of genre definitions, this book argues that the borders between these two types of discourse depend on complex issues of epistemology,… Continue reading Crossing Borders published

French, French Literature

The Dark Side of Diderot published

«This impressive collection of articles explores Diderot’s pivotal thought in close readings and broader perspectives, in canonical and lesser-known works, in contemporary and non-contemporary context. It does justice to his range of interests, from prose fiction, to theatre, philosophy, anthropology, theology and fine art. It is as welcoming to the reader studying Diderot for the… Continue reading The Dark Side of Diderot published

Irish Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies

Marital Separation in Contemporary Ireland published

This book is based on detailed interviews with a group of Irish women who have experienced marital separation. It links the women’s accounts with literature on the values and beliefs about marriage, women and family which were prevalent when they were growing up in Ireland in the 1950s and 1960s. The book chronicles their young… Continue reading Marital Separation in Contemporary Ireland published

Education, Women's Studies

Gender and Leadership in Education published

The under-representation of women in leadership positions in educational settings is a widely acknowledged, complex phenomenon that seems to persist, despite the fact that teaching as a profession is dominated by women. Over recent decades, scholars have investigated the factors contributing towards this under-representation, with a particular focus on the personal, organisational and social/cultural levels.… Continue reading Gender and Leadership in Education published

French Literature, Women's Studies

Voicing Voluntary Childlessness published

«Voicing Voluntary Childlessness is a compelling, beautifully written and timely study of what it means to reject motherhood. Through careful analysis of the form and content of recent French-language literary works, Edwards shows how long-standing expectations of women, as well as the assumptions underlying them, are being challenged. This book makes an important contribution to… Continue reading Voicing Voluntary Childlessness published

Psychology, Women's Studies

Feeling the Fleshed Body published

In 1971, on two separate occasions, Brenda Downing was raped. She was in her final year of primary school. In the immediate aftermath, the shame she harboured, coupled with a failed disclosure the same year, meant she did not risk talking of her experience again until almost thirty years later and did not begin to… Continue reading Feeling the Fleshed Body published

Canadian Studies, Irish Studies

Transnational Revolutionaries published

The organization of several thousand Irish American men into a military outfit, which then attempted to invade Canada from within the United States, is a significant historical event that remains largely unexplored from an Irish and Irish American perspective. This study offers a fuller exploration of the details behind the Fenian invasion, asking why Irish… Continue reading Transnational Revolutionaries published

African Studies, Religious Studies, Theology

«Succeed Here and in Eternity» published

This book presents a qualitative study of the «Gospel of Prosperity» preached by the Charismatic and Neo-Pentecostal churches in Ghana, with a particular focus on its soteriological significance. The author explores the concept of the Gospel of Prosperity from a number of different angles, surveying its historical and ideological background, analysing its specific context in… Continue reading «Succeed Here and in Eternity» published