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Photos from the Book Launch: The Colours of the Past in Victorian England

The Colours of the Past in Victorian England by Charlotte Ribeyrol was launched on Thursday 20 October in the stunning Sutro Room at Trinity College, Oxford. Nick Gaskill (Rutgers University) provided a fascinating introduction to the discussion of colour, to which volume editor Charlotte Ribeyrol, authors Stephano Evangelista and Lene Ostermark-Johansen, and Cultural Interactions series… Continue reading Photos from the Book Launch: The Colours of the Past in Victorian England

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Book launch: The Colours of the Past in Victorian England

The Colours of the Past in Victorian England by Charlotte Ribeyrol will be launched on Thursday 20 October between 12pm and 2pm in the Sutro Room at Trinity College, Oxford. Nick Gaskill (Rutgers University) will be leading the round-table discussion. The experience of colour underwent a significant change in the second half of the nineteenth… Continue reading Book launch: The Colours of the Past in Victorian England

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Cold War Cities published

The Cold War left indelible traces on the city, where polarities on the global stage crystallized and intersected with political and social dynamics predating and bypassing the Blocs. This collection taps into the rich fabric of memories, histories and cultural interactions of thirteen cities worldwide and the lived experience of urban communities during the long… Continue reading Cold War Cities published

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‘Inspiring A Mysterious Terror’ published

Best known for his Gothic masterpiece Uncle Silas and the vampire story Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was a prolific writer whose extensive body of work included historical, sensation and horror novels, poems and ballads, numerous stories of the supernatural, journalism and a verse-drama. While his name is well known to aficionados of the horror… Continue reading ‘Inspiring A Mysterious Terror’ published

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La memoria transgeneracional published

Coincidiendo con el ochenta aniversario del comienzo de la Guerra Civil Española, la publicación La memoria transgeneracional se plantea observar la transmisión transgeneracional, en España, de la memoria del conflicto de 1936–1939, a través de la mirada proporcionada por la literatura de tercera generación. Su primera sección se centra alrededor de un acercamiento interdisciplinar a… Continue reading La memoria transgeneracional published

Media Studies

Political Animals published

Newspapers have long been enthralled by accounts of cute, cuddly, strange, dangerous and endangered beasts, and by extraordinary and sometimes apocryphal narratives of natural phenomena. This study explores the incidence of several such stories in the British press: from reports of the "ethnic" conflicts between different species of squirrel to the tragedy of Cecil the… Continue reading Political Animals published

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Mapping Cinematic Norths published

Mapping Cinematic Norths presents an international range of research and enquiry into the significance, representation and manipulation of depictions of the ‘North’ in cinema and television. Northern landscapes, soundscapes, characters and narratives are defined and recognized as distinctive image-spaces within film and television. However, the ‘North’ is portrayed, exploited and interpreted in divergent ways by… Continue reading Mapping Cinematic Norths published

Queer Studies

Queering Paradigms VI published

This edited volume brings together perspectives on embodied queerness within the complicated parameters of hegemonic normativities, biopolitics and social-religious governmentalities. Queering Paradigms VI offers queer interventions, explores value-production in socio-corporeal normative frameworks, and exemplifies and highlights the complexity of queering in the global–local continuum. Queer maintains its revolutionary subversive functionality as an impulse and catalyst… Continue reading Queering Paradigms VI published

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The Variable Body in History published

The essays in this book explore the different ways the body has been experienced and interpreted in history, from the medieval to the modern period. Challenging the negative perceptions that the term ‘disability’ suggests, the essays together present a mosaic of literary representations of bodies and accounts of real lives lived in their particularity and… Continue reading The Variable Body in History published

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Showcase Britain published

Showcase Britain explores the diverse aspects of British participation in the Vienna World Exhibition (Weltausstellung) of 1873. The exhibition covered a vast spectrum of human endeavour and achievement. The British involvement encompassed not only the national submission but also the British individuals who visited and contributed to the displays. The book offers a snapshot of… Continue reading Showcase Britain published