“New Visions of the Cosmopolitan”

New Visions of the Cosmopolitan

Series Editors: Patrick O’Mahony and Tracey Skillington

New Visions of the Cosmopolitan explores how the forces of contemporary social change release a cosmopolitan energy that dilutes the relevance of the nation-state. The ‘transnational turn’ creates tendencies toward greater world openness. A more pluralist, multi-perspectivist late modernity requires a cosmopolitan research framework capable of illustrating how world histories and futures are intricately connected under these new conditions. This series offers a body of work exploring how cosmopolitan ideas, emerging from encounters between local and global currents, generate impulses towards social, cultural, legal, political and economic transformation.

The series invites contributions that focalize this contemporary situation using theories, perspectives and methodologies drawn from multiple disciplines. Of particular, although not exclusive, interest are proposals exploring: transnational visions of justice and solidarity; cosmopolitan publics; researching cosmopolitan worlds; cosmopolitan memory; the cosmopolitics of contemporary global capitalism; borders of the cosmopolitan; cosmopolitanism in the non-western world; security, war and peace in a cosmopolitan age; multiple modernities; divergence and convergence; political culture and multi-level governance.

This peer-reviewed series publishes monographs and edited collections.


For information about submitting proposals to this series, please contact oxford@peterlang.com.

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