Theories of Dynamic Cosmopolitanism in Modern European History published

It is often assumed that cosmopolitan thinkers since the Renaissance have simply adopted and refined concepts from classical antiquity. This study argues that modern European cosmopolitanism should be perceived as a unique phenomenon, distinct from Greek and Roman forms of cosmopolitan thinking. One key feature is its dynamism, or the idea of change built into … Continue reading

Richard Scholar discusses Montaigne at the Oxford Literary Festival

We are delighted to announce that Dr Richard Scholar, author of Montaigne and the Art of Free-Thinking, will be presenting his book at the Oxford Literary Festival at 3.15pm on Friday 31 March. The event takes place in the Blackwell’s Festival Marquee in the Clarendon Quad of the Bodleian library and is free to attend! … Continue reading

New in Paperback: The World Makers

«The World Makers offers a rich and detailed account of late seventeenth-century theories of the Earth. Written with impeccable scholarship and a highly engaging prose style, this book sheds considerable light on a seminal period in the history of modern science.» (Professor Peter Harrison, University of Oxford) «Though modestly presented as an introduction to debates … Continue reading

Mazes and Amazements published

Borges gained his first lessons in philosophy from his father while still a young boy – an intimate home schooling that grew into a long-term obsession. Its ubiquitous presence in his thought and writing has made him one of the most distinctive literary philosophers in the West, expressing itself in a wide-ranging array of fictional … Continue reading

Nacer desde el sueño published

María Zambrano (1904–1991) creó una antropología filosófica labrando con paciencia artesanal y vitalicia un puñado de conceptos: la divinización de lo sagrado, la razón-poética, el sentir originario, la forma-sueño, el devenir-persona. El pensamiento subyacente a los conceptos de forma-sueño y devenir-persona propone que el tiempo y la vida humanos vienen del sueño y que, soñando, … Continue reading

New in Paperback: Montaigne and the Art of Free-Thinking

« Like Montaigne, Scholar is a pleasure to read. » (Peter Burke, University of Cambridge) « Despite his surname, Richard Scholar wears his considerable learning lightly in this elegant introduction to Montaigne’s Essais, an introduction of interest to seasoned as well as green readers of the text…. Just as Montaigne extols freedom of judgment by … Continue reading

Rethinking the Human Person published

Recent developments in the natural and social sciences have brought great benefits to humanity, both in terms of our material wellbeing and our intellectual and conceptual capacities. Yet, despite a broad ethical consensus and highly developed innate faculties of reason and conscience, there seems to be a significant discrepancy between how we ought to behave … Continue reading

Aristotle on the Meaning of Man published

Why was (and is) Aristotle “right” and why are we “wrong”? In other words, why are Aristotle’s philosophical reflections on man and the world full, real, and convincing and why is so much of our modern philosophy partial and false? This work offers a detailed assessment of Aristotle’s thought in response to these questions. Using … Continue reading

Pierre Bourdieu et la distinction sociale published

L’objet principal de cette réflexion est d’examiner de manière approfondie la conception bourdieusienne de la « distinction sociale ». À partir d’une analyse détaillée de La distinction. Critique sociale du jugement (1979), cet essai passe au crible les forces et les faiblesses des explications élaborées par Pierre Bourdieu à propos des processus de différenciation symbolique … Continue reading

New series: New Disciplinary Perspectives on Education

Book proposals are welcome for the new series   New Disciplinary Perspectives on Education   Series Editors: Dr Jones Irwin, St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University Dr Stephen Cowden, Coventry University Educational theory has always been framed within a wider context including philosophy, psychology, sociology and history. In the last ten years, educational discourse has … Continue reading

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