Education, Religious Studies, Review

Review of Christian Faith in English Church Schools

    Trevor Cooling’s Christian Faith in English Church Schools has been reviewed on the website of Theos, the UK’s leading think tank on religion and society. Please click here to read the review.   Church schools are booming, becoming increasingly popular with parents across the world. However, research shows that teachers face considerable challenges… Continue reading Review of Christian Faith in English Church Schools

Eastern Europe, history, Memory Studies

Commemorating Conflict published

One of Europe’s youngest nations and the most recent member-state of the European Union, Croatia, forged its national identity in the so-called Homeland War, the bloody civil conflict that raged between 1991 and 1995 and ultimately led to independence from Yugoslavia. Since then, a culture of war commemoration has emerged that continues to shape and… Continue reading Commemorating Conflict published

Francophone literature, French, French Literature, Gender Studies, Women's Studies

Nina Bouraoui, Autofiction and the Search for Selfhood published

The motif of the ‘identity quest’ features strongly in much contemporary French women’s writing, but nowhere more so than in the work of Nina Bouraoui. Author of numerous books since 1991 and winner of the 2005 Prix Renaudot, Bouraoui persistently explores the question of self-expression in her work, experimenting with a variety of self-representational modes… Continue reading Nina Bouraoui, Autofiction and the Search for Selfhood published


Multiliteracies, Discourses and Identities published

This book explores the everyday reading and writing experiences of children from Chinese families living in Britain. Using an ethnographic approach, the author presents in-depth case studies of three migrant children, all of whom received some education in mainland China before moving to Britain. The theoretical framework is based on the New Literacy Studies approach… Continue reading Multiliteracies, Discourses and Identities published

Communication Studies

Human Encounters published

This book gives a comprehensive introduction to intercultural communication in the era of globalization. The reader is introduced to essential concepts in the field, different theories and methods of analysing communication, the importance of verbal and nonverbal languages for bringing about mutual understanding and, finally, the ethical challenges that arise. The volume also has a… Continue reading Human Encounters published

African Studies

Gender in Practice published

In Sierra Leone, the dominant epistemological framework of the political and social history of the country and the post-colonial understanding of the place of men and women are based on the inter-subjective discourses of power, place, identity and belongingness. Through a complex web of culturally regulated, politically motivated and patriarchally conditioned belief systems on sexualities,… Continue reading Gender in Practice published

Hispanic Studies

Países en tránsito published

Países en tránsito: estudios de literatura comparada es un libro que nace de la necesidad de estudiar la situación que guarda actualmente la literatura, el arte y la cultura hispánica (principalmente de España y Latinoamérica) en relación específicamente con otras tradiciones culturales y literarias extranjeras, mismas que incluyen a la austriaca-alemana, árabe, china, japonesa, francesa… Continue reading Países en tránsito published