Peter Lang at the German Studies Association conference

        Peter Lang will be attending the German Studies Association conference in Washington, DC on 1-4 October 2015. Commissioning Editor Laurel Plapp is currently taking appointments during the conference. Please contact her at if you’d like to schedule a meeting. Please plan to come by our bookstand to see our latest … Continue reading

Les Espaces du Livre / Spaces of the Book published

L’étonnante diversité des possibilités esthétiques offertes par le livre comme support matériel de la fin du XIXe siècle aux expérimentations les plus contemporaines, est au cœur de la réflexion proposée dans ce livre. La page, le feuillet et le livre, l’écran aussi, débordent le cadre du codex et du livre relié (livre en éventail, leporello, … Continue reading

The Europeanization of Industrial Relations in the Service Sector published

The service sector has not always received the attention it merits in industrial relations research when set against its enormous economic significance. One factor in this is certainly the highly diverse nature of services. Research attention has also lagged behind long-standing processes of transnationalization undertaken by service sector companies and the challenges these pose for … Continue reading

Wittgenstein on Thinking, Learning and Teaching published

Wittgenstein is not generally thought of as a philosopher of education, yet his views on how we think, learn and teach have the potential to contribute significantly to our contemporary understanding of pedagogy. Wittgenstein himself was a lifelong learner whose method consisted of thinking intensely about a wide range of topics, including not only the … Continue reading

Spectacle published

How does the visual nature of spectacle inform the citizenry, destabilize the political, challenge aesthetic convention and celebrate cultural creativity? What are the limits – aesthetic, political, social, cultural, economic – of spectacle? How do we explain the inherently exclusionary, revolutionary, dehumanizing and utopian elements of spectacle? In this book, authors from the fields of … Continue reading

Cultural Transformations of the Public Sphere published

The last decade has seen renewed interest in political theories of the public sphere, reacting to new challenges posed by globalization, communication technology, and intra- and international conflicts. However, the role of culture and aesthetics in the formation of the public sphere has received insufficient analytical attention. The essays in this volume explore different strategies … Continue reading

Utopia in Portugal, Brazil and Lusophone African Countries published

This book studies the history, literature and culture of Portuguese-speaking countries through the lens of utopia. The role of utopia in Portuguese literature is the object of fresh analyses ranging from Camões to Gonçalo M. Tavares, and António Vieira to José Saramago. The chapters on Angola and Mozambique show how national identity received a major … Continue reading

Among Russian Sects and Revolutionists published

In his lifetime Prince Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Khilkov (1857–1914) became known in a number of seemingly contradictory roles and contexts: courageous officer, Tolstoyan, defender of the oppressed, leader of the Dukhobor exodus, revolutionary terrorist and returning Orthodox prodigal. Born into one of Russia’s ancient aristocratic families, with close links to the court, he chose an unexpected … Continue reading

The Unfortunate Endeavours of Charles Henry Brown published

This is the biography of a pioneer aeronaut, Charles Henry Brown, whose life-long obsession with aerostation took him from his native Great Britain to Australia and India. The story of his quest for recognition is deeply researched, while being told in an anti-generic mode – imagined dialogue, play scripts and speculative interventions. To date Brown’s … Continue reading

France and Ireland: Notes and Narratives published

Music, art and creative writing embody vital elements of the rich association between Ireland and France and this collection provides a tantalising selection of their reciprocal influences across the arts. The book paints a vivid picture of composers, performers, poets and novelists on both sides of the Celtic Sea. Surprises abound, with music unexpectedly linking … Continue reading

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