New Series!

Spanish Golden Age Studies

Series Editor: Duncan Wheeler

This series publishes titles on the Golden Age, including but not limited to studies on the New World, the imperial wars, internal strife, visual arts, the popular theatre and prose fiction. Our remit is to provide an outlet for new socio-historical and cultural research on the Early Modern period, a time when Spain could for the first and last time lay claim to being the world’s leading military, economic and political power. The series is particularly interested in reflections on how cultural production both reflected and shaped the age that ostensibly brought it forth. We welcome both monographs and edited collections in English or Spanish.

Hispanic Studies: Culture and Ideas

Series Editor: Claudio Canaparo

This series aims to publish studies in the arts, humanities and social sciences, the main focus of which is the Hispanic World. The series invites proposals with interdisciplinary approaches to Hispanic culture in fields such as history of concepts and ideas, sociology of culture, the evolution of visual arts, the critique of literature, and uses of historiography. It is not confined to a particular historical period. Monographs as well as collected papers are welcome. Languages of publication are English, Spanish and Spanish-American.

Iberian and Latin American Studies: The Arts, Literature and Identity

Series Editor: Francis Lough

This series publishes titles from any area of Iberian and Latin American Studies that explore issues relating to questions of identity. The series accepts for publication scholarly monographs and collections of essays that aim to further our knowledge and understanding of the lives of individuals and communities who speak any of the languages of the Iberian Peninsula or Latin America. Ideas and concepts of identity can be explored at various levels, ranging from the individual to the national or international, and in different media. Proposals are welcome from researchers working in any cultural field, for example, the history of ideas, literature, performance, cinema, art and photography, and on a variety of issues, including nationhood, exile, memory, and gender. The series welcomes manuscripts in English or Spanish.

Reconfiguring Identities in the Portuguese-Speaking World

Series Editors: Paulo de Medeiros and Cláudia Pazos-Alonso

The series publishes studies across the entire spectrum of Lusophone literature, culture and intellectual history, from the Middle Ages to the present day, with particular emphasis on figurations and reconfigurations of identity, broadly understood. It is especially interested in work which interrogates national identity and cultural memory, or which offers fresh insights into Portuguese-speaking cultural and literary traditions, in diverse historical contexts and geographical locations. It is open to a wide variety of approaches and methodologies as well as to interdisciplinary fields: from literary criticism and comparative literature to cultural and gender studies, to film and media studies. It also seeks to encourage critical dialogue among scholarship originating from different continents.

Proposals are welcome for either single-author monographs or edited collections (in English and/or Portuguese).


For information about submitting proposals to these series, please contact Senior Commissioning Editor Dr Laurel Plapp at l.plapp@peterlang.com or oxford@peterlang.com.


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