The Contested Terrain of the New Zealand All Blacks

In 2011, New Zealand rugby fans erupted in celebration as the All Blacks narrowly defeated France to win the Rugby World Cup – the team’s first title since New Zealand hosted the inaugural tournament in 1987. In the years between these victories, the sport of rugby has been radically transformed from its amateur roots to… Continue reading The Contested Terrain of the New Zealand All Blacks

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Book Launch and Talk at the Irish Film Institute: The Black Irish Onscreen

We are pleased to announce that Dr Zélie Asava will be giving a talk about her new book The Black Irish Onscreen at 4.30pm on Friday 11th October, at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin. Please click here for more details. The talk will be followed by the official launch of the book, which was… Continue reading Book Launch and Talk at the Irish Film Institute: The Black Irish Onscreen

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The Absolute Solution: Nabokov’s Response to Tyranny, 1938

In 1938 tyranny attained unprecedented power: the Nazis annexed Austria and the Sudetenland, the Soviet purge reached its peak and the persecution of the Jews escalated into the horror of Kristallnacht. Nabokov frequently engaged with the subject of totalitarianism, but in 1938, on the eve of the Second World War, he responded to the political… Continue reading The Absolute Solution: Nabokov’s Response to Tyranny, 1938

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Women, Cosmopolitanism and Islamic Education

Contemporary impressions of Islām – especially in the post-9/11 world – are creating daunting challenges for Muslims everywhere. Muslim women, because of their specific mode of attire, seem to be at the forefront of the growing skepticism surrounding Islamic education. Ironically, it would appear that the same detailed attention devoted by Islamic scholars to the… Continue reading Women, Cosmopolitanism and Islamic Education

Hispanic Studies

Looking at Iberia

This collection of new essays by scholars from across Europe focuses on the key theoretical and historical questions within the rapidly growing field of Iberian studies, which is taken by the authors to mean the methodological consideration of the Iberian peninsula as a complex and multilingual cultural and literary system. Dealing with a wide range… Continue reading Looking at Iberia

Hispanic Studies

Palimpsestos de la antigua palabra

Este libro traza un mapa de los mitos prehispánicos presentes en la narrativa latinoamericana hasta los años setenta, y analiza las obras de Miguel Ángel Asturias, Alejo Carpentier, José María Arguedas, Augusto Roa Bastos, Miguel Ángel Menéndez, Gamaliel Churata, Juan Rulfo, Julio Cortázar, Mário de Andrade, Rosario Castellanos, Carlos Fuentes, Elena Garro, José Donoso, Manuel… Continue reading Palimpsestos de la antigua palabra

Politics, Religious Studies

The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy

This book explores and evaluates non-territorial autonomy (NTA), an important modality of ethnic and religious diversity management. Whereas multicultural liberal democracies sincerely champion equality and individual human rights, they often have considerable difficulty in accommodating culturally diverse minority communities. In most cases, minority communities do not reside within a compact space, making any territorial representation… Continue reading The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy

French Literature

Visions of Apocalypse

Picturing the end of the world is one of the most enduring of cultural practices. The ways in which people of different historical periods conceive of this endpoint reveals a great deal about their imagination and philosophical horizons. This groundbreaking collection of essays offers an overview of the Apocalyptic imagination as it presents itself in… Continue reading Visions of Apocalypse

French, Translation Studies

Preserving Polyphonies

To date, translation theory offers no satisfactory response to the multidimensional challenge of rerendering postmodern texts. As the existence of linguistic and cultural plurality in these writings is now widely acknowledged, many theorists recognise the impossibility of achieving complete equivalence in translation. If the fragmented, decentred, postmodern source text (ST) is to be rerendered in… Continue reading Preserving Polyphonies

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Br(e)aking the News

What is the breaking news in the world today? How did you find out this news? How do you know it is true? Was it reported ethically? What checks and balances are being put on the news media? The answers to these questions reflect the themes of this book. The chapters are by experienced journalists,… Continue reading Br(e)aking the News