Pentecostal-Charismatic Prophecy published

«This book provides the most important account of prophecy among Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians in recent years. Working from an empirical-theological approach, it offers major insights from a study of Kenyan Pentecostals. Dr. Muindi should be congratulated for moving the boundary of knowledge in such a significant manner. I commend this study to all scholars … Continue reading

Photos from the book launch: Fighting Words @TORCHOxford

Fighting Words: Fifteen Books that Shaped the Postcolonial World, edited by Dominic Davies, Erica Lombard and Benjamin Mountford, was launched today at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) in the Radcliffe Humanities Building at the University of Oxford. The launch included an introduction by the volume editors and a fascinating discussion with an … Continue reading

(Re)imagining African Independence published

The fortieth anniversary of the independence of the African countries colonized by Portugal presents a valuable opportunity to reassess how colonialism has been «imagined» through the medium of the moving image. The essays collected in this volume investigate Portuguese colonialism and its filmic and audio-visual imaginaries both during and after the Estado Novo regime, examining … Continue reading

Fighting Words published

Can a book change the world? If books were integral to the creation of the imperial global order, what role have they played in resisting that order throughout the twentieth century? To what extent have theories and movements of anti-imperial and anticolonial resistance across the planet been shaped by books as they are read across … Continue reading

Battleground Bodies published

This is the first book to provide a comparative exploration of the gendered and sexual body in Mozambican literature, engaging with the work of six authors spanning different generations, styles and aesthetics. The study begins by providing a detailed and innovative survey of the dynamics of gender, sexuality and power in the Portuguese colonial and … Continue reading

Decolonizing Africa and African Development published

The book is an intellectual and political response to Thomas Sankara’s challenge to the African people to dare to invent their own future, an echo of Patrice Lumumba’s call for them to write their own history. Exploring the history of Africa’s underdevelopment and the short-circuiting of the Pan-African movement, it argues for the revival of … Continue reading

Gender in Practice published

In Sierra Leone, the dominant epistemological framework of the political and social history of the country and the post-colonial understanding of the place of men and women are based on the inter-subjective discourses of power, place, identity and belongingness. Through a complex web of culturally regulated, politically motivated and patriarchally conditioned belief systems on sexualities, … Continue reading

«Succeed Here and in Eternity» published

This book presents a qualitative study of the «Gospel of Prosperity» preached by the Charismatic and Neo-Pentecostal churches in Ghana, with a particular focus on its soteriological significance. The author explores the concept of the Gospel of Prosperity from a number of different angles, surveying its historical and ideological background, analysing its specific context in … Continue reading

New book series launched! Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century

The new book series Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century has been formally launched at TORCH, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, where the series is based. For more information, please view the blog post by Executive Editor Tessa Roynon here. This series focuses on the history and culture of … Continue reading

New series: Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century

Proposals for book projects are welcome for the new series   Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century   Series Editors: Tessa Roynon, University of Oxford (Executive Editor) Elleke Boehmer, University of Oxford Victoria Collis-Buthelezi, University of Cape Town Patricia Daley, University of Oxford Aaron Kamugisha, University of the West Indies, Cave … Continue reading

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