New commentary on MH370 from author Simon Bennett

Dr Simon Bennett, author of How Pilots Live, has written an article published on the University of Leicester website titled ‘Malaysian MH370: The importance of perspective’ and was interviewed by the New York Times for the article ‘More Possible Sightings in Hunt for Missing Plane‘. How Pilots Live paints a detailed picture of commercial pilot … Continue reading

El exilio en la poesía de Tomás Segovia y Angelina Muñiz Huberman

Tomás Segovia y Angelina Muñiz pertenecen a un grupo de escritores conocidos como los «Hispanomexicanos». La mayoría de los estudios sobre esta generación se han centrado en el papel que el exilio juega en los primeros años de su producción y han dejado de lado el papel que éste juega más allá de dicha etapa, … Continue reading

Author of How Pilots Live writes about MH370

Dr Simon Bennett, author of How Pilots Live, has published an article in the Leicester Mercury titled ‘Be realistic – ignore hype on flight MH370’. Read the article here. How Pilots Live paints a detailed picture of commercial pilot lifestyle, from the struggle to pay for training to time spent down route to thoughts of … Continue reading

Review of Psychiatry, Subjectivity, Community: Franco Basaglia and Biopolitics

Psychiatry, Subjectivity, Community: Franco Basaglia and Biopolitics, by Alvise Sforza Tarabochia, is reviewed in the online journal State of Mind: Il giornale delle scienze psicologiche. Please click here to read the review.

Listening to the French New Wave

As perhaps the most studied film movement in cinematic history, the French New Wave has been analysed and criticised, romanticised and mythologised, raising the question of whether it is possible to write anything new about this period. Yet there are still gaps in the scholarship, and the study of music in New Wave films is … Continue reading

A Daring Venture

At the height of the Second World War, Hitler’s Deputy, Rudolf Hess, made a dramatic solo flight to the British Isles. His arrival there was sensational news – and it baffled everyone. Why had he come? Hess claimed he had flown to Britain entirely of his own initiative and was on a personal mission of … Continue reading

Paths to Transnational Solidarity

With national industrial relations systems struggling to keep apace with the global and mobile nature of capital, the emergence of the European works council has caught the imagination of both practitioners and scholars of this institution in the last two decades. European works councils find themselves at the centre of an ever emerging European industrial … Continue reading

Review of Forecasts of the Past

Forecasts of the Past: Globalisation, History, Realism, Utopia by Dougal McNeill is reviewed in the Australian literary and cultural magazine Overland. Click here to read the review.

Ireland and Popular Culture

This book explores the differences between ‘high’ and ‘low’ cultures in an Irish context, arguing that these differences require constant revision and redefinition. The volume includes analysis of famous Irish writers such as Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, who are commonly regarded as part of the canon of elite … Continue reading

Popular Politics and Popular Culture in the Age of the Masses

The book is a selection of essays from the author’s work since the early 1980s. It presents an analysis of political and cultural trends based upon a series of case studies drawn from the North West of England, covering mainly the years between the Third Reform Act (1884) and the outbreak of the Second World … Continue reading

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