Subjected Subcontinent published

This book offers a new, complex understanding of Indian writing in English by focusing its analysis on both Indo-Pakistani Partition fiction and novels written by women. The author gives a comprehensive outline of Partition novels in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh written in English as well as an overview of the challenges of studying Partition literature, … Continue reading

New book series launched: Transamerican Studies: Social Justice, Identity and Public Policy

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce the launch of the new series Transamerican Studies: Social Justice, Identity and Public Policy Series editors: Mario Antonio Rivera,  Nancy Lopez and Juan de Dios Pineda Following the groundbreaking interdisciplinary academic initiatives of the Latin American Network (LATNET), founded by series co-editor Juan de Dios Pineda, this series … Continue reading

New publication: Polish Patriotism after 1989

This book analyses the concept of patriotism and the contestation over its meaning in key public debates in Poland over the last twenty-five years. It focuses on the strategies used to define, re-shape and «bend» the notion of patriotism, which during this period has become a central issue in Polish political discourse. Contemporary Polish society … Continue reading

Language, Identity and Migration published

This volume presents a collection of the latest scholarly research on language, migration and identity. In a globalised world where migratory patterns are in constant flux, the traditional notion of the ‘immigrant’ has shifted to include more fluid perspectives of the migrant as a transnational and the language learner as a complex individual possessing a … Continue reading

New publication: Fighting for Britain?

This edited collection focuses on the negotiation of national, geographic and cultural identities during the Second World War among the constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Adopting a four nations approach, it contributes to our understanding of how pluralistic identities within the multinational state of Britain informed the functioning of Britishness during the conflict. In … Continue reading

New publication: Nationalisms and Identities among Indigenous Peoples

This book investigates nationalisms and the emergence of national identities among the Indigenous peoples across North America. It examines the many difficulties which the Native communities have had to face in order to assert themselves as nations, as well as looking at the ambiguity of the term ‘nation’ within First Nations-government relations. The volume gives … Continue reading

Series editor Vera Regan on changing language use

Professor Vera Regan of University College Dublin, editor of the new series Language, Migration and Identity, gave a fascinating talk about changing language use at the TEDx Dublin event held on 14 September. The TEDx Innovations blog now features a video of Vera’s talk: please click here to watch it.   Language, Migration and Identity … Continue reading

Rethinking ‘Identities’

This volume sets out to re-imagine the theoretical and epistemological presuppositions of existing scholarship on identities. Despite a well-established body of scholarly texts that examine the concept from a wide range of perspectives, there is a surprising dearth of work on multiple, heterogeneous forms of identity. Numerous studies of ethnic, linguistic, regional and religious identities … Continue reading

Popular Politics and Popular Culture in the Age of the Masses

The book is a selection of essays from the author’s work since the early 1980s. It presents an analysis of political and cultural trends based upon a series of case studies drawn from the North West of England, covering mainly the years between the Third Reform Act (1884) and the outbreak of the Second World … Continue reading

Book launch: Sense and Sensitivity: Difference and Diversity in Higher Education Classrooms

Sense and Sensitivity: Difference and Diversity in Higher Education Classrooms, edited by Elisabeth Lillie, will be launched at 5.30pm on Wednesday 2 April at the University of Ulster, Courtroom, Coleraine Campus (South Building, Room C001). The launch will take place as part of a research seminar on ‘Teaching and Learning Amidst Difference and Diversity’.

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