Book launch: Laura Scuriatti’s ‘Groups, Coteries, Circles and Guilds’ will be presented in Berlin on 6 September


New release on Peter Lang Open: Where Community Happens: The Kibbutz and the Philosophy of Communalism

«Henry Near has spent a lifetime studying utopianism and intentional communities, with a special focus on the kibbutzim of Israel, of which he is the leading historian. This book brings together his thoughtful reflections on the kibbutzim and related topics. It will long be a benchmark in its field.» (Tim Miller, Professor of Religious Studies, … Continue reading

Tom Moylan presented with Science Fiction Research Association’s Pilgrim Award

Professor Tom Moylan, one of the editors of the Ralahine Utopian Studies series, was presented with the Science Fiction Research Association’s Pilgrim Award at their annual meeting held in Riverside, California between 28 June and 1 July. The Pilgrim Award was created in 1970 to honour lifetime contributions to science fiction and fantasy scholarship. Previous … Continue reading

Tom Moylan wins Science Fiction Research Association’s Pilgrim Award

Congratulations to Professor Tom Moylan, one of the editors of the Ralahine Utopian Studies series, who has been selected as the winner of the Science Fiction Research Association’s Pilgrim Award! The Pilgrim Award was created in 1970 to honour lifetime contributions to science fiction and fantasy scholarship. Professor Moylan joins a long and distinguished list … Continue reading

New publication: Metamorphoses of Science Fiction

Returning to print for the first time since the 1980s, Metamorphoses of Science Fiction is the origin point for decades of literary and theoretical criticism of science fiction and related genres. Darko Suvin’s paradigm-setting definition of SF as «the literature of cognitive estrangement» established a robust theory of the genre that continues to spark fierce … Continue reading

The Racial Horizon of Utopia published

«Edward Chan reclaims the human desire to imagine something better than our unequal, multi-racial present. His analysis stages encounters between racism and the hope for racial equality, and turns to the subjective to explore how race shapes personal, public and sexual possibilities. The ‘racialized horizon’ of utopia impacts the present and shatters our racialized subjectivities … Continue reading

Partial Visions: Feminism and Utopianism in the 1970s published

«The new edition of Angelika Bammer’s Partial Visions is an important and innovative book. Important because it explores with great insight and originality a fundamental theme for any emancipatory theory, not just feminism: the ways in which the utopian impulse is essential for the task of understanding the world so as to transform it. Innovative, … Continue reading

New publication: Shockwaves of Possibility

Shockwaves of Possibility explores the deep utopianism of one of the most significant modern cultural practices: science fiction. The author contends that utopianism is not simply a motif in SF, but rather is fundamental to its narrative dynamics. Drawing upon a rich array of theory and criticism in SF and utopian studies, the book opens … Continue reading

New publication: The Good Place

Utopian literature provides a compelling vision of epistemological and moral clarity: a dream of harmony and justice. But in an age of surveillance, utopia is also the nightmare of a perfectly controlled, sealed and monitored world that leaves no room for ambivalence or discretion. In The Good Place, leading scholars of comparative literature explore this … Continue reading

New publication: Demand the Impossible

Although published in 1986, Demand the Impossible was written from inside the oppositional political culture of the 1970s. Reading works by Joanna Russ, Ursula K. Le Guin, Marge Piercy, and Samuel R. Delany as indicative texts in the intertext of utopian science fiction, Tom Moylan originated the concept of the «critical utopia» as both a … Continue reading

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