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Review of Writing the Prizefight: Pierce Egan’s Boxiana World

David Snowdon’s Writing the Prizefight: Pierce Egan’s Boxiana World was recently reviewed by the author and sports journalist Luke G. Williams on his blog. Click here to read the review. This book focuses on the literary contribution made by the pugilistic writing of Pierce Egan (c. 1772-1849), identifying the elements that rendered Egan’s style distinctive … Continue reading

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New publication: The Poetics of Sight

«Ut pictura poesis», Horace said, but through the two millennia in which «the sister arts» have been compared, little has been said about the nature of sight itself. What we see in «our mind’s eye» as we read has not been explored, though by following the visual prompts in texts, one can anatomize the process … Continue reading

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New publication: De la genèse de la langue à Internet

Ce recueil d’articles regroupe une sélection des communications présentées au colloque international et pluridisciplinaire tenu à Oxford en janvier 2013, que complètent quelques contributions d’éminents chercheurs sur l’évolution du français, depuis ses origines jusqu’à ses développements liés à l’influence d’Internet. Les auteurs de ce volume s’intéressent à la langue française sous toutes ses formes et … Continue reading


British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (@BAFTSS) Conference

        Peter Lang is pleased to be attending the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University, 16-18 April. Please come by the Peter Lang bookstand on 16-17 April to see our latest publications and meet with Commissioning Editor Dr Laurel Plapp. To schedule an appointment, please … Continue reading


Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland Conference

Peter Lang is delighted to be attending the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland Conference at the University of Exeter, 13-15 April 2015. Please come by the Peter Lang bookstand to see our latest publications and meet with Commissioning Editor Alessandra Anzani. To schedule an appointment, please contact

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New publication: Galdós and Medicine

Benito Pérez Galdós (1843–1920) is revered as Spain’s greatest nineteenth-century author. Writing in the realist tradition of Dickens, Zola and Balzac, he described life in Madrid with unequalled fidelity. In addition, he was unique among novelists of his time in his knowledge of medicine, revealed in his depictions of mental and physical disease. While critical … Continue reading

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New publication: Between Hollywood and Godlywood

This book sheds new light on the relationship between conservative Christianity and Hollywood through a case study of Walden Media, which produced The Chronicles of Narnia franchise. Financed by a conservative Christian, Walden Media is a unique American company producing educational and family-friendly films with inspiring, moral, redemptive and uplifting stories. However, there is more … Continue reading

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New publication: Spiritual Guidance on Mount Athos

Spiritual guidance is the serious business of Mount Athos, the principal service that the Fathers offer to each other and to the world. Athonites have been purveyors of spiritual guidance for more than a thousand years in a tradition that goes back to the fourth-century desert fathers. The recent monastic renewal on the Mountain is … Continue reading

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New publication: The Church as Hermeneutical Community and the Place of Embodied Faith

This book adds new impetus to ecumenical theology by focusing on embodied faith or the contextual interpretation of Revelation. It does so through an exploration of the insights of Lewis S. Mudge and Joseph Ratzinger. Mudge advocates catholicity as a hermeneutic which embraces the contextuality of faith in local contexts, including Christian communities and the … Continue reading

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New publication: Eccentricity and Sameness

«‘Eccentricity and Sameness ’adds a new chapter to the history of same-sex relations between women in modern Europe. Shedding light on Italy’s dark sexual past, Ross explores multiple discursive realms, including sexology and literature, to show convincingly why the study of lesbianism matters.» (Laura Doan, Professor of Cultural History and Sexuality Studies, University of Manchester) … Continue reading

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