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Bingham and Conboy cover crop

Guardian Review of The Tabloid Century

Roy Greenslade, Professor of Journalism at City University, has reviewed The Tabloid Century, authored by Adrian Bingham and Martin Conboy, in today’s issue of The Guardian. Please click here to read the review. Popular newspapers played a vital role in shaping British politics, society and culture in the twentieth century. This book provides a concise … Continue reading

Bauer cover crop

New publication: The South in the German Imaginary

The division between North and South in Europe represents a geographical as well as a cultural boundary that has influenced the way many European nations think about their history and identity. This divide is particularly prominent in the cultural dialogue between Germany and Italy and has played an important role in the construction of German … Continue reading

Lebech cover crop

New publication: The Philosophy of Edith Stein

Many an interested reader will have put aside a work by Edith Stein due to its seeming inaccessibility, with the awareness that there was something important there for a future occasion. This collection of essays attempts to provide an idea of what this important something might be and give a key to the reading of … Continue reading

Corkery cover crop

New publication: A Liberation Ecclesiology?

Freedom, one of the most potent ideals of the post-Enlightenment era, came to remarkable prominence in ecclesiology through the emergence of liberation theologies in the twentieth century. At the same time, Joseph Ratzinger – a German university professor – was appointed a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church and prefect of the Congregation for the … Continue reading

Blair cover crop

Book launch: Old Borders, New Technologies: Reframing Film and Visual Culture in Contemporary Northern Ireland

On Friday 23 January, the launch of Dr Paula Blair’s book Old Borders, New Technologies: Reframing Film and Visual Culture in Contemporary Northern Ireland took place at the Culture Lab, Newcastle University. The launch followed a half-day symposium organized by the Research Centre for Film and Digital Media and the School of English Literature, Language … Continue reading

Canaparo cover crop

New publication: El mundo Ingaramo

Este escrito constituye el primer trabajo dedicado enteramente a la obra casi inédita del escritor Elias Ingaramo. Al mismo tiempo es un análisis, también el primero en su tipo, dedicado al hecho que una buena parte de la historia intelectual y conceptual en los ámbitos periféricos del planeta se realiza de forma extraterritorial, no ya … Continue reading

Ugolini & Pattinson cover crop

New publication: Fighting for Britain?

This edited collection focuses on the negotiation of national, geographic and cultural identities during the Second World War among the constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Adopting a four nations approach, it contributes to our understanding of how pluralistic identities within the multinational state of Britain informed the functioning of Britishness during the conflict. In … Continue reading

Coltri cover crop

New publication: Beyond RastafarI

This book is an invitation to reflect on how a minority culture emerged from within «Third World» liberation movements. It considers not only the historical and cultural journey between Ethiopia and Jamaica, but also the psychological dynamics of subalterns between the East and the West. In this work, the author discusses the various beliefs and … Continue reading

Witte & Harden cover crop

New publication: Foreign Language Learning as Intercultural Experience

Learning a foreign language in its cultural context has a significant effect on the subjective mind, ranging from the unsettling to the inspirational. The complex interplay between native and foreign languages, their cultural conceptualisations and discourses and the mind and body of the learner results in the subjective construction of individual positionings located «in between» … Continue reading

Raina 4 cover crop

House of Lords Reform: A History, Volume 4

‘Peter Raina’s books on the House of Lords provide the most comprehensive and authoritative history of the evolution of a central institution in the British Parliamentary system. It is an indispensable study.’ (Professor the Lord Plant of Highfield) Peter Raina’s magnificent history of Lords reform has already brought into the public domain a mass of … Continue reading

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