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Hochscheid cover crop

Networks of Stone published

Networks of Stone explores the social and creative processes of sculpture production in Athens in the sixth and fifth centuries BC. Using the concept of art worlds, it analyses the contributions and interactions of all those who were in some way part of creating the sculpture set up in the sanctuaries and cemeteries of Athens. … Continue reading

Brown (German Lied) cover crop

The German Lied after Hugo Wolf published

Following the development of the German Lied after the nineteenth century – when it was widely known as the setting of Romantic poetry to music – this book explores the changing artistic scene in the early twentieth century, as rapid social, economic and environmental changes affected German cultural production. The Lied then faced not only … Continue reading

Ridda cover crop

Imagining Bombay, London, New York and Beyond published

This book examines new literary imaginings of the interconnected city spaces of Bombay, London and New York in South Asian diasporic texts from the 1990s to the present. It charts the transition from London-centric studies on postcolonial city spaces to the new axis of Bombay, London and New York. The book argues that two key … Continue reading

Markus cover crop

Book launch: Echoes of the Rebellion: The Year 1798 in Twentieth-Century Irish Fiction and Drama

Echoes of the Rebellion: The Year 1798 in Twentieth-Century Irish Fiction and Drama by Radvan Markus will be launched on Wednesday 22 July as part of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL) conference, held at the University of York. The launch will take place at 6pm at King’s Manor in York … Continue reading

Naffis-Sahely_Selby_cover FINAL.indd

Review of Mick Imlah: Selected Prose

Mick Imlah: Selected Prose, edited by André Naffis-Sahely and Robert Selby, has been reviewed by Theresa Muňoz in the Scottish Review of Books. To read the review, please click here. As well as a highly respected poet and editor, Mick Imlah (1956–2009) was one of the finest literary critics of his generation. He spent most … Continue reading

Marinopoulou cover crop

Cosmopolitan Modernity published

This book examines recent debates on the political dynamics of cosmopolitanism, particularly in its connection with European civil society and the public sphere. The aim of the volume is to trace to what extent cosmopolitanism defines the «second modernity», with the latter concept referring to the potential for consensus, the creation of multiple political alternatives … Continue reading

Naffis-Sahely_Selby_cover FINAL.indd

Mick Imlah: Selected Prose published

«Mick Imlah is one of the most original and memorable English-language poets of the late twentieth century – a brilliant talent, brutally curtailed. This volume is a necessary companion to his poems, and full of insights that are fascinating in their own right.» (Sir Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate 1999–2009) «Mick Imlah was not only a … Continue reading

Maraschin cover crop

A conversation between Donatella Maraschin and Federico Faloppa on Pier Paolo Pasolini at the Italian Cultural Institute London

Wednesday 24 June, 6.30pm Italian Cultural Institute London “Pier Paolo Pasolini: cinema and anthropology” A conversation between Donatella Maraschin and Federico Faloppa The analysis of the intersections between anthropological discourse, documentary and fiction, shows how Pasolini’s cinema is deeply related to visual anthropology: the visual anthropology theorised and practiced by the “New Ethnography” in the … Continue reading

Pickard cover crop

New publication: Ballet Body Narratives

Ballet Body Narratives is an ethnographic exploration of the social world of classical ballet and the embodiment of young ballet dancers as they engage in ‘becoming a dancer’ in ballet school in England. In contrast to the largely disembodied sociological literature of the body, this book places the corporeal body as central to the examination … Continue reading


Women in German Studies Book Prize

The invitation to submit a proposal for the Women in German Studies Book Prize, sponsored by Peter Lang, has been announced today on the Women in German Studies blog. Members of WiGS who are preparing their first book for publication are encouraged to submit proposals. All topics within German Studies are welcome. The winning proposal will … Continue reading

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