New publication: Alternative Worlds

In an attempt to counteract the doom and gloom of the economic crisis and the politicians’ overused dictum that ‘there is no alternative’, this interdisciplinary collection presents a number of alternative worlds that were conceived over the course of the last century. While change at the macro level was the focus of most of the … Continue reading

New publication: Locating Hybridity

Despite its inherent negative implications as a purveyor of essentialism, the concept of hybridity holds a great deal of critical purchase in the postcolonial world. Hybridity allows identities and cultures to be conceptualized as different and manifold, allowing for the undermining of the binaries of self and other, centre and periphery, colonizer and colonized. In … Continue reading

New publication: Daily Life of the Patriarchs

While the literature of the ancient Near East portrays legendary heroes, this is not the case with the biblical narrative, which portrays the patriarchs and matriarchs as fallible human beings. Their story is a multigenerational one of family and the dynamics that exist within. Reading these stories is like hearing the echo of family feuds, … Continue reading

New publication: Nationalisms and Identities among Indigenous Peoples

This book investigates nationalisms and the emergence of national identities among the Indigenous peoples across North America. It examines the many difficulties which the Native communities have had to face in order to assert themselves as nations, as well as looking at the ambiguity of the term ‘nation’ within First Nations-government relations. The volume gives … Continue reading

New publication: Fragmentos de un nuevo pasado

Los estudios aquí reunidos tratan acerca de la presencia, poder y productividad de las voces prehispánicas en las literaturas latinoamericanas a partir de los años ochenta. Se lleva a cabo un recorrido por expresiones de diversas geografías (México, Colombia, Perú, Bolivia, Chile y algunos otros países), en las que mitos, personajes y alientos prehispánicos desempeñan … Continue reading

New publication: Gaspar de Jovellanos: Crítico, reformador y humanista ilustrado

Este libro explora la aportación crítica y metodológica interdisciplinar a varios dominios humanísticos como la historia, el derecho, la política, la lingüística, la educación, la literatura y, en general, la sociedad del ilustrado español Gaspar de Jovellanos dentro del siglo de la Razón. Lo novedoso de este estudio es que parte de un enfoque hermenéutico … Continue reading

New publication: The Inclusion Delusion?

«Unafraid of posing difficult questions and thoughtfully exploring a wide range of contexts in which inclusion matters, this volume enables a rethinking of what it means to practise, theorise and advocate for inclusion in education and society more broadly. Employing diverse philosophical perspectives, discourse theory and historical analysis, this book does more than cast a … Continue reading

New publication: Supporting Internationalisation through Languages and Culture

‘Internationalisation’ is a key issue impacting on higher education today, but what is actually meant by this term and how does it relate to the notion of ‘global citizenship’, which also features prominently on the higher education agenda? How does the promotion of foreign language learning and intercultural communication help inform the pursuit of internationalisation? … Continue reading

New publication: Expressing Post-Secular Citizenship

According to Habermas, the contemporary public sphere is post-secular. In other words, the continuing presence of religious communities within a secular society is indisputable. However, the significance of this is not entirely clear, despite intensive discussion by social scientists, journalists, policymakers and politicians regarding the role of religion in the public sphere. Understanding contemporary religious … Continue reading

New publication: Chateaubriand: The Paradox of Change

This reassessment of Chateaubriand’s literary and political achievements, offered as an intellectual biography of the writer, is centred on the concept of change and Chateaubriand’s emotional suspicion of change, arising both from mistrust of his own inconstancy and from the personal and collective suffering of the French Revolution. His aversion to change spread beyond politics … Continue reading

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