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Death and Desire in Car Crash Culture

Why are we so obsessed with cars? Our exciting new book Death and Desire in Car Crash Culture: A Century of Romantic Futurisms is featured in an advertisement in the 26 July 2013 issue of the TLS. Available for sale from our website and Marston Book Services ( and bookshops everywhere.        … Continue reading Death and Desire in Car Crash Culture

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Luise Büchner

Diese erste ausführliche deutschsprachige Monographie über Luise Büchner (1821-1877) aus Darmstadt stellt ihr Leben und Werk dar als Autorin, vielseitige Aktivistin in der ersten bürgerlichen Frauenbewegung und Mitinitiatorin mehrerer Maßnahmen zur besseren Bildung, beruflichen Ausbildung und Erwerbstätigkeit von Frauen. Besonders wird aus ihren umfangreichen Schriften ihr mit Abstand bekanntestes Buch Die Frauen und ihr Beruf… Continue reading Luise Büchner


Researching Intertextual Reading

Intertextuality in reading – namely the way in which written texts refer to other texts – has recently attracted attention in the field of linguistics and related disciplines. This book offers a unique look at the operation of intertextuality in real-world texts and the role of readers’ cognitive processes in responding to intertextuality. The first… Continue reading Researching Intertextual Reading

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Virtuous Victim or Sexual Predator?

‘Was ist eine Witwe mehr als … ein aufgewärmtes Essen?’ According to politician and statesman Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel (1741-1796), widows were superfluous beings and second-hand goods, but they were also perceived by theologians and moralists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as a threat due to their sexual experience and supposedly ungovernable lust.… Continue reading Virtuous Victim or Sexual Predator?

French, Women's Studies

Experiment and Experience

We are pleased to announce the first book in our series Studies in Contemporary Women's Writing, edited by Gill Rye. Experiment and Experience is a collection of critical essays on twenty-first-century women-authored literature in France. In particular, the volume focuses on how contemporary women’s writing engages creatively with socio-political issues and real-life experiences. Authors covered… Continue reading Experiment and Experience

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2013 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition

*Reminder: Due date 31 July 2013* The Oxford and Dublin offices of Peter Lang are delighted to announce the 2013 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competitions in Irish Studies and in German Studies. Proposals are invited from early career scholars ­in each field for academic monographs to be evaluated by a distinguished editorial board. The winner… Continue reading 2013 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition


Molière’s Strategies

Of all the playwrights from the age of Louis XIV, only Molière’s work is still regularly performed in France and beyond. This book analyses certain elements of the plays that may explain Molière’s longevity: a plausible chain of events peppered with shocks and surprises; tensions between opposites; intellectual concerns that had not previously been the… Continue reading Molière’s Strategies

Irish Studies

New Voices, Inherited Lines

Irish writers have always been fascinated by the family, sometimes depicting it as a traditional space under threat from external influences, sometimes highlighting the dangers lurking within. More recently, families have been represented as a type of safe haven from a bewildering postmodern world. At the heart of these constructions are questions of power and… Continue reading New Voices, Inherited Lines

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Like Man, Like Woman

Modern scholarship often discusses Roman women in terms of their difference from their male counterparts, frequently defining them as ‘other’. This book shows how Roman male writers at the turn of the first century actually described women as not so different from men: the same qualities and abilities pertaining to the domains of parenthood, intellect… Continue reading Like Man, Like Woman