New Publications

New Publications from Peter Lang: January 2013 Catalogue

The Peter Lang January 2013 New Publications Catalogue is now available, featuring books from a range of Humanities and Social Sciences areas. Books can be ordered directly from our online shop: Please contact with any questions.

Women's Studies

Seminar Series: Studies in Contemporary Women’s Writing

A new seminar series associated with the Peter Lang book series Studies in Contemporary Women's Writing will be held in 2013 at the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing at the INSTITUTE OF GERMANIC & ROMANCE STUDIES University of London School of Advanced Study New cross-cultural/comparative seminar series on Wednesday afternoons at Senate… Continue reading Seminar Series: Studies in Contemporary Women’s Writing


Education that Matters

Today's learners are faced with an unprecedented set of global and local development challenges, yet so much of the education on offer is based on yesterday's thinkers, yesterday's ideas and yesterday's lessons. A time of change requires new approaches to teaching and learning which have relevance to learners' everyday lives now and in the future.… Continue reading Education that Matters

Russia, Russian Literature

Review of Lydia Ginzburg’s Alternative Literary Identities

New book Lydia Ginzburg's Alternative Literary Identities, edited by Emily Van Buskirk and Andrei Zorin, is reviewed in 3:am magazine. Click here for the review. Known in her lifetime primarily as a literary scholar, Lydia Ginzburg (1902-1990) has become celebrated for a body of writing at the intersections of literature, history, psychology, and sociology. In highly… Continue reading Review of Lydia Ginzburg’s Alternative Literary Identities

Russia, Russian Literature

Review of Stalin’s Ghosts

New book Stalin's Ghosts: Gothic Themes in Early Soviet Literature by Muireann Maguire is reviewed on Click here for the review. Stalin's Ghosts examines the impact of the Gothic-fantastic on Russian literature in the period 1920-1940. It shows how early Soviet-era authors, from well-known names including Fedor Gladkov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Andrei Platonov and Evgenii… Continue reading Review of Stalin’s Ghosts

Book launch, Education, Religious Studies


On Friday 15th February, the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick will be holding a book launch event to celebrate recent publications by their staff members. Among the books to be launched are the first two titles in our Religion, Education and Values series: Teaching Religion, Teaching Truth: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives and… Continue reading FORTHCOMING LAUNCH EVENT

German Literature and Culture

Unerfüllte Hoffnungen

Nach einem kurzen Abriss der DDR-Geschichte folgen in diesem Buch vierzehn Aufsätze, in denen in chronologischer Folge einige Zentralfragen der Literatur dieses Staats sowie ihrer Hauptautoren, darunter Bertolt Brecht, Erwin Strittmatter, Herbert Otto, Heiner Müller, Hermann Kant, Wolf Biermann, Alfred Wellm, Volker Braun und Christoph Hein, behandelt werden. Dabei geht es vor allem um die… Continue reading Unerfüllte Hoffnungen

Cultural Studies, theatre

Reaching Athens

Why do revivals and adaptations of Greek tragedy still abound in European national theatres, fringe stages and international festivals in the twenty-first century? Taking as its starting point the concepts of myth developed by Jean-Luc Nancy and Roland Barthes and the notion of the 'classical' outlined by Salvatore Settis, this book analyses discourses around community,… Continue reading Reaching Athens


Lectures phénoménologiques en littérature française

La réflexion de Maurice Merleau-Ponty sur le phénomène littéraire et l'oeuvre d'art a révélé de grandes potentialités pour leur interprétation. La parole muette, la corrélation des gestes du corps et des actes de conscience, la facticité des impressions dans la représentation du visuel sont des voies ouvertes à une nouvelle approche de lecture. La phénoménologie… Continue reading Lectures phénoménologiques en littérature française

Translation Studies

Legal Translation in Context

What does it take to be a legal translator? What is expected of legal translation professionals in the public and private sectors? Following recent developments in the field, there is a need to take stock of professional settings, skills and related training needs. This volume offers a systematic overview of the diverse professional profiles within… Continue reading Legal Translation in Context