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Peter Lang attending MeCCSA in January

Peter Lang will be attending MeCCSA this January, and Lucy Melville, Publishing Director, would be delighted to hear from scholars looking to place their work in one of our series, or as standalone monographs and collected editions. She is now coordinating appointments and would be glad to hear from you. Alternatively, please come by the… Continue reading Peter Lang attending MeCCSA in January

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Winner of the 2016 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Education Studies

Peter Lang Oxford is delighted to announce the winner of the 2016 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Education Studies:   WINNER Marina Avelar Giving with an Agenda: How New Philanthropy Advocates for the Corporate Reform of Education   Congratulations to Marina! Her book will be published in the New Disciplinary Perspectives on Education series, edited… Continue reading Winner of the 2016 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Education Studies

Communication Studies, Media Studies

The Archers in Fact and Fiction published

If you have ever wondered about the ethical implications of Dr Richard Locke’s affair with Shula Hebden Lloyd, or whether the ergonomic design of tractor seats could have prevented Tony Archer from getting a bad back, then this book is for you. Leading academics from across the United Kingdom use storylines from BBC Radio 4’s The… Continue reading The Archers in Fact and Fiction published

Comparative Literature

Comparative Becomings published

The comparative gesture performs both the act and the question of transition between the terms compared. Understood as an intercultural practice, comparative literature may thus also be understood as both a transitive and a transnational process, creating its own object and form of knowledge as it identifies and analyses lines of relation and exchange between… Continue reading Comparative Becomings published


L’anglais en France published

Ce volume présente la première étude qualitative de blogs français portant sur la langue anglaise. Basé sur un corpus d’articles affichés durant les années 2011 et 2012, il tient compte également de débats ayant eu lieu entre 2005 et 2015 dans les domaines de la formation, de la publicité et du cinéma. Les textes analysés… Continue reading L’anglais en France published


Self-Giving, Self-Mastery published

The dignity of the person has always been a key theme of Pope John Paul II. Perhaps less well known is his emphasis on self-mastery as intrinsic to such dignity. In the love of man and woman, such mastery paves the way to self-giving and provides a richer, deeper experience of the union of persons.… Continue reading Self-Giving, Self-Mastery published

Translation Studies

Literary Retranslation in Context published

The present study examines the interrelation between literary texts, their successive retranslations and the corresponding historical, social and cultural backgrounds that inform these versions. In the case of each text, the authors analyse both the external factors (sociohistorical circumstances, publishing context, authors, translators, etc.) and the internal ones (text analysis, translation procedures or strategies) that… Continue reading Literary Retranslation in Context published

Cultural Studies, Irish Studies, Memory Studies

Irish Studies and the Dynamics of Memory published

Irish Studies and the Dynamics of Memory presents the latest research from Irish studies scholars across a variety of disciplines, including history, literature, theatre, photography and folklore, and generates new and challenging insights into the dynamics of cultural remembrance in Irish society. Featuring contributions by leading researchers in the field such as Guy Beiner, Graham… Continue reading Irish Studies and the Dynamics of Memory published

Irish Studies

Frank Confessions published

This book aims to redress the critical neglect of Frank McCourt’s life-writing, which has been dismissed all too frequently as «misery memoir» and deemed commercially driven or aesthetically and politically naïve. It reassesses the life cycle of McCourt’s work, investigating the experiences that shaped his desire to write and demonstrating a nuanced and multifaceted network… Continue reading Frank Confessions published

Irish Studies, Poetry

‘Slight Return’: Paul Muldoon’s Poetics of Place published

This volume examines the relationship between poetic language and place in the work of Paul Muldoon. Through a close reading of the formal and stylistic aspects of his poems, the book explores the question of how poetry as an art form can be engaged to map the complex exchanges between language and the material, phenomenal,… Continue reading ‘Slight Return’: Paul Muldoon’s Poetics of Place published