Resilient Universities

Resilience is ostensibly acknowledged as a cross-disciplinary issue, yet resilience analysis has seldom been applied to the understanding of universities and the academic world. The contributions to this volume aim to fill this gap through the presentation of both theoretical and empirical studies. The book’s title reflects the desire to extend the debate in new… Continue reading Resilient Universities

Film Studies, Irish Studies, Review

Review of The Black Irish Onscreen

Zélie Asava's new book The Black Irish Onscreen: Representing Black and Mixed-Race Identities on Irish Film and Television is reviewed by Sarah Griffin for Film Ireland - please click here to read the review.   The Black Irish Onscreen was the winner of the 2011 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Irish Studies.    

Anthropology, Asian Studies, Ethnography, Japanese Studies

Japan Copes with Calamity book launch

On Wednesday 20 November Japan Copes with Calamity: Ethnographies of the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disasters of March 2011, edited by Tom Gill, Brigitte Steger and David H. Slater, was launched at the Japan Foundation in London. Co-editor and contributor Dr Brigitte Steger (centre) and contributors Dr Alyne Delaney (left) and Dr Tuukka Toivonen (right)… Continue reading Japan Copes with Calamity book launch

American Studies

Author LeAnne Howe is reading ‘Sovereign Stories’

Author LeAnne Howe picks Padraig Kirwan’s Sovereign Stories as one of her books of the week. ( Sovereign Stories examines contemporary Native American writers’ engagement with various forms of cultural, political, and artistic sovereignty. The author considers literature’s ability to initiate vital discussions about tribal autonomy in modern America and suggests that innovative literary styles… Continue reading Author LeAnne Howe is reading ‘Sovereign Stories’

Ireland, Irish Studies, Visual Culture

Visualizing Dublin

Dublin has held an important place throughout Ireland’s cultural history. The shifting configurations of the city’s streetscapes have been marked by the ideological frameworks of imperialism, its architecture embedded within the cultural politics of the nation, and its monuments and sculptures mobilized to envision the economic ambitions of the state. This book examines the relationship… Continue reading Visualizing Dublin

European Studies, identity studies, Politics

Debating European Identity

This edited volume, premised on the development and survival of the European integrationist project, tackles some crucial questions which have the potential to affect European Union performance if not addressed properly and in a timely manner. It evaluates the basic understanding and power of European identity as a medium in the overall process, as well… Continue reading Debating European Identity

Cultural Studies, Italian Studies

Author Jeffrey T. Schnapp and the ‘scholarly book’

Author Jeffrey T. Schnapp posts about the exploration of the 'scholarly book' in his metaLABprojects series here. Modernitalia provides a map of the Italian twentieth century in the form of twelve essays by the celebrated cultural historian Jeffrey T. Schnapp. Shuttling back and forth between literature, architecture, design, and the visual arts, the volume explores… Continue reading Author Jeffrey T. Schnapp and the ‘scholarly book’

Book launch, Ireland, Irish Studies

Book Launch: Ireland and the Czech Lands

Ireland and the Czech Lands, edited by Gerald Power and Ondřej Pilný, will be launched at 7.30pm on 13th December in the Prague literary cafe Krásný ztráty. The event is organized jointly by the Embassy of Ireland in Prague and Metropolitan University Prague, and will include a concert by the Czech-Irish music group Conemara Chaos.

Applied Linguistics, Asian Studies, Linguistics

Testing a Nation

Many countries have national policies in relation to English language teaching that are monitored through standardized tests, and students’ performance in these tests may have a significant impact on their career prospects. When such high stakes become attached to a language test, it begins to play a far greater role than originally intended. A preeminent… Continue reading Testing a Nation

Classical literature, French Literature

Hellenic Whispers

Hellenic Whispers builds a picture of how Greek literature was received and reworked by the authors of seventeenth-century French tragedy. Using case studies, the author establishes a new methodology for exploring the variety of responses and creative processes involved in these encounters with classical Greek material. The book explores the complex interactions surrounding these adaptations… Continue reading Hellenic Whispers