British Society of Sports History

Peter Lang are pleased to have a presence at the British Society of Sports History conference at Wychwood Park Conference Centre, Cheshire, on 6-7 September 2013. The editors of Peter Lang’s book series Sport, History and Culture, Richard Holt and Matthew Taylor, invite you to attend a drinks reception on Friday 6 September to discuss … Continue reading

Representing Repulsion

Disgust is a strong, immediate visceral reaction. While it may feel like a purely instinctive response, the cultural meanings ascribed to particular objects, bodies or behaviours play a significant role in determining whether or not they are experienced as disgusting. This interplay between bodies and ideas makes disgust a powerful source of metaphor in narrative … Continue reading

Book Signing: Religion Revealed

R. John Elford, author of Religion Revealed: Christianity and Modernity, will be holding a book signing at the British Association for the Study of Religions/European Association for the Study of Religions conference at Liverpool Hope University. The signing will take place at the Peter Lang stand between 4.30 and 5.30pm on Wednesday 4th September.   … Continue reading

British Association for the Study of Religions

Peter Lang will be attending the British Association for the Study of Religions/European Association for the Study of Religions conference at Liverpool Hope University, 3-6 September 2013. Peter Lang is proud of our tradition of publishing across diverse and innovative areas of research in both religious studies and theology. We have a number of series … Continue reading

A Legacy of Shame: French Narratives of War and Occupation

This book is the winner of the Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in French Studies 2011. A Legacy of Shame is the first in-depth study of shame in French narratives of the Second World War and the Nazi Occupation of France. Wartime shame continues to be a recurrent theme in literature and film and is … Continue reading

Poetry, Politics and Pictures

This collection offers new perspectives on the connections between politics, identity and representation in art and poetry in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Britain and Europe. Contributions explore questions such as the following: what was the effect of the reciprocity of political, religious and artistic influence in nineteenth-century Britain and Europe? How were key political moments … Continue reading

Proyecciones de Gabriel Miró en la narrativa del 27

¿Quién fue Gabriel Miró? La pregunta no resulta inoportuna hoy en día, cuando parece que su obra ha caído en el olvido. Miró fue un escritor relevante de la llamada edad de plata de la literatura española. Puede que no tuviera, ni tenga aún, un público de masas, porque fue un autor difícil. Pero su … Continue reading

Dialogue and Disputation in the Zurich Reformation

This volume contains the first modern critical editions of Concilium (1525) and Rychsztag (1526), two vernacular verse dialogues by the Zurich-based Zwinglian author Utz Eckstein, together with translations of both into English prose. These works are of interest not just for their literary qualities (which differ markedly from those conventionally associated with ‘Reformation dialogues’), but … Continue reading

The Contemporary Theory of the Public Sphere

Normative democratic theory does not lie securely above societal argumentation but is instead a crucial part of it. We need to know not just how the public should reason, but how it actually does reason, or could reason in better foreseeable circumstances. After all, given the general societal and cosmopolitan challenges that we face, the … Continue reading

Women and Gender in Post-Unification Italy

In nineteenth-century Italy, a woman’s place was considered to be in the domestic sphere, devoted to family life. But during the Risorgimento and the years following Unification, economic, political and social changes enabled women progressively to engage in pursuits that had previously been the exclusive domain of men. This book traces some of the steps … Continue reading

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