Irish Studies

Reimagining Ireland

Series Editor: Eamon Maher

The concepts of Ireland and ‘Irishness’ are in constant flux in the wake of an ever-increasing reappraisal of the notion of cultural and national specificity in a world assailed from all angles by the forces of globalisation and uniformity. Reimagining Ireland interrogates Ireland’s past and present and suggests possibilities for the future by looking at Ireland’s literature, culture and history and subjecting them to the most up-to-date critical appraisals associated with sociology, literary theory, historiography, political science and theology.

Some of the pertinent issues include, but are not confined to, Irish writing in English and Irish, Nationalism, Unionism, the Northern ‘Troubles’, the Peace Process, economic development in Ireland, the impact and decline of the Celtic Tiger, Irish spirituality, the rise and fall of organised religion, the visual arts, popular cultures, sport, Irish music and dance, emigration and the Irish diaspora, immigration and multiculturalism, marginalisation, globalisation, modernity/postmodernity and postcolonialism.

The series publishes monographs, comparative studies, interdisciplinary projects, conference proceedings and edited books.

Studies in Franco-Irish Relations

Series Editor: Eamon Maher

The aim of this series is to foreground areas of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary connection between France and Ireland, as well as stressing the European dimension of the Franco-Irish nexus. The series also provides a forum for French-language scholarship within the field of Irish studies. We welcome proposals from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including historical, cultural, literary, sociological, political and linguistic perspectives. The series publishes books in both English and French and all submissions will be peer-reviewed.

L’objectif de cette collection est de valoriser les recherches multi-disciplinaires ou inter-disciplinaires relatives à la France et à l’Irlande, et de souligner la dimension européenne des relations franco-irlandaises. La collection offre également un espace d’échanges pour la recherche francophone en études irlandaises. Nous accueillons des projets de publication relevant de différents champs disciplinaires et s’inscrivant dans une perspective historique, culturelle, littéraire, sociologique, politique ou linguistique. Les ouvrages de la collection sont publiés en anglais et en français ; tous les projets sont soumis à une double révision par les pairs.

For information about submitting proposals to these series, please contact Senior Commissioning Editor Tony Mason at or

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