Institute for German Studies / Peter Lang Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies

The Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham and Peter Lang Oxford invite submissions for their 2017 Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies. Submissions are invited from early career scholars in German Studies for academic monographs to be evaluated by a distinguished editorial board. The winner of the prize will receive a … Continue reading

Andreas Dresen published

« Andreas Dresen belongs to a select group of leading German filmmakers whose successful career unfolded after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This collection of essays, the first focused entirely on the by now already extensive oeuvre of the DEFA-trained filmmaker, […] is an enticing invitation to contemplate the many important contributions Dresen has … Continue reading

Winner of the Institute for German Studies / Peter Lang Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies

Peter Lang Oxford is delighted to announce the winner of the Institute for German Studies / Peter Lang Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies: WINNER Dr Jessica Wood   Portraits of the Artist: Dionysian Creativity in Selected Works by Gabriele D’Annunzio and Thomas Mann Congratulations to our winner! The book will be published in … Continue reading

Stereotypes, Ideology and Foreign Correspondents published

This book examines German media representations of Ireland from 1946 to 2010, from the post-war period to the years of the so-called «Celtic Tiger» and Ireland’s subsequent economic downturn. It charts both the patterns and the inconsistencies in depictions of Ireland in the weekly publications Der Spiegel and Die Zeit, as well as in German … Continue reading

Travel Texts and Moving Cultures published

How does the experience of travel transform culture over time? This question is at the heart of this book, which brings together two main areas of scholarship: the cultural analysis of German literature and film and the emerging field of mobilities studies, which places movement and travel at the centre of human experience. The author … Continue reading

Vom bürgerlichen zum sozialen Trauerspiel Gerhart Hauptmanns published

In diesem Buch geht der Autor der Frage nach, inwiefern sich die beiden Dramen Dorothea Angermann und Vor Sonnenuntergang Gerhart Hauptmanns von ihren Vorgängern unterscheiden und wie sie sich literaturgeschichtlich einordnen lassen. Die beiden Schauspiele wurden von Hauptmann zur Zeit der ersten deutschen Demokratie der Weimarer Republik verfasst und behandeln neben den individuellen Umständen einzelner … Continue reading

Navid Kermani published

«This volume on the work of Navid Kermani, Iranian-German writer, Islamic scholar and the first German Muslim awarded the prestigious German Book Trade Peace Prize in 2015, could not have come at a more opportune moment. Few writers have written as compellingly and thoughtfully about the urgency for peaceful assimilation into the European fabric as … Continue reading

2016 Women in German Studies Book Prize

The invitation to submit a proposal for the 2016 Women in German Studies Book Prize, sponsored by Peter Lang, has been announced today on the Women in German Studies blog. The Women in German Studies Book Prize (for first books) was established in 2015. Sally-Ann Spencer (Victoria University of Wellington) was the inaugural winner. Her … Continue reading

New publication: The Doppelgänger

The Doppelgänger – the double, twin, mirror image or alter ego of someone else – is an ancient and universal theme that can be traced at least as far back as Greek and Roman mythology, but is particularly associated with two areas of study: psychology, and German literature and culture since the Romantic movement. Although … Continue reading

New publication: Critical Time in Modern German Literature and Culture

«Critical Time takes a nuanced view of how modern culture has struggled with time, speed and acceleration. The historical frame and the cross-cultural perspectives make for a thought-provoking survey in this most fascinating arena.» (Professor Karen Leeder, University of Oxford) The fleeting nature of time is a defining feature of modern and postmodern existence. Identified … Continue reading

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