How Pilots Live

This book paints a detailed picture of the commercial pilot lifestyle, from the struggle to pay for training to time spent down route to thoughts of retirement. Once a glamorous occupation, commercial flying is today more of a job than a vocation with many pilots working the maximum permissible hours for increasingly meagre rewards under… Continue reading How Pilots Live

German, German Literature and Culture, Translation Studies

Translating German Novellas into English

Translation of fiction is always interpretation. This book discusses the challenges facing translators of fictional works from German into English using as examples English translations of canonical German novellas by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Theodor Storm, Gerhart Hauptmann, Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka. The author addresses the difficulties of translating in the poststructuralist era, when… Continue reading Translating German Novellas into English

book fair

London Book Fair 2014

Peter Lang will be attending the London Book Fair 8-10 April.           The Peter Lang Academic Publishing Group is exhibiting in Hall 1, Stand No M505. Come and see the latest social science and humanities publications from our five international editorial offices: Bern, Brussels, Frankfurt am Main, New York and Oxford.… Continue reading London Book Fair 2014

Philosophy, Sociology

Bourdieu and Data Analysis

Uniquely amongst the numerous publications to appear on the work of the French social theorist Pierre Bourdieu, this book deals with data analysis, examining a range of techniques and instruments. After an introductory chapter outlining the key principles of Bourdieu’s theory, the book presents detailed examples of data being collected and analysed in a Bourdieusian… Continue reading Bourdieu and Data Analysis

French Literature

Subversion ou conformisme ?

Cet ouvrage propose une étude de la question du genre dans l’œuvre d’Agota Kristof, écrivaine suisse francophone d’origine hongroise. La prépondérance des narrateurs masculins dans sa prose suggère la supériorité du masculin; ceci se reflète aussi sur le plan du contenu de son œuvre, car les personnages féminins sont plutôt marginalisés et relégués à la… Continue reading Subversion ou conformisme ?

Education, gender

Choices and Constraints

This book seeks to investigate gender differences in final year undergraduates’ employment expectations of their starting jobs, including salary, occupational and working region expectations, and to identify factors that have contributed to gender differences in these expectations. It employs an on-site self-completion questionnaire survey and a follow-up semi-structured interview carried out in a university in… Continue reading Choices and Constraints

Religious Studies

Thinking Between Islam and the West

In this book, the author assesses the social vision of three western Muslim intellectuals, Seyyed H. Nasr, Bassam Tibi and Tariq Ramadan. He finds that the thoughts of Nasr and his students promote a kind of tradition-based society, which is in harmony with the Divine Law in Islam and a hierarchical structure of society. The… Continue reading Thinking Between Islam and the West

Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Religious Studies

The Early Byzantine Christian Church

The observation that domestic artefacts are often recovered during church excavations led to an archaeological re-assessment of forty-seven Early Byzantine basilical church excavations and their historical, gender and liturgical context. The excavations were restricted to the three most common basilical church plans to allow for like-for-like analysis between sites that share the same plan: monoapsidal,… Continue reading The Early Byzantine Christian Church

Book launch, Education, identity studies

Book launch: Sense and Sensitivity: Difference and Diversity in Higher Education Classrooms

Sense and Sensitivity: Difference and Diversity in Higher Education Classrooms, edited by Elisabeth Lillie, will be launched at 5.30pm on Wednesday 2 April at the University of Ulster, Courtroom, Coleraine Campus (South Building, Room C001). The launch will take place as part of a research seminar on 'Teaching and Learning Amidst Difference and Diversity'.

Architecture, Art, Art History, Book launch, Film Studies, Irish Studies, Visual Culture

Book launch: Visualizing Dublin

Visualizing Dublin: Visual Culture, Modernity and the Representation of Urban Space, edited by Justin Carville, will be launched from 6.30-8.30pm on Thursday 27 February at the Little Museum of Dublin, 15 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2. The event is organized by the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire, and the guest speaker will… Continue reading Book launch: Visualizing Dublin