Reminder: Invitation for submissions to the Institute for German Studies / Peter Lang Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies

*Reminder: Due 31 May 2017* The Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham and Peter Lang Oxford invite submissions for their 2017 Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies. Submissions are invited from early career scholars in German Studies for academic monographs to be evaluated by a distinguished editorial board. The winner of … Continue reading

Metalinguistic Perspectives on Germanic Languages published

In what ways has language been central to constructing, challenging and reconfiguring social and political boundaries? This volume traverses space and time to explore the construction of such boundaries. Focusing on the ways that language functions as an inclusive and divisive marker of identity, the volume includes case studies on Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium  and … Continue reading

Book launches and events for The Vanished Musicians

The Vanished Musicians: Jewish Refugees in Australia by Albrecht Dümling will be launched at multiple events in Australia in late August and early September: SYDNEY 21 August  — 4 pm Emanuel Synagogue ‘From Berlin to Sydney: Jewish Refugee Musicians’ With guest speakers Albrecht Dümling, composer George Dreyfus AM and Anthony Kay and a live music … Continue reading

Das Leben und Werk von Leopold von Ranke published

Der Historiker Leopold von Ranke (1795–1886) spielt für die Geschichtswissenschaft eine kaum zu unterschätzende Rolle. Sein Werk und vor allem seine Überlegungen zur Objektivität des Historikers und zur kritischen Quellenanalyse haben bis heute einen bleibenden Einfluss auf die Forschung. Während einige seiner Schriften sowie seine Ideen zur Geschichtsschreibung vielfach untersucht wurden, wurde sein privates Leben … Continue reading

The Men with Broken Faces reviewed in today’s TLS

‘There is perhaps no starker symbol of the monstrous brutality of modern warfare than the sight of a veteran with his face blown off …’ Read an excerpt from the review of Marjorie Gehrhardt’s book The Men with Broken Faces: Gueules Cassées of the First World War in the 22 July 2016 issue of the … Continue reading

2016 Women in German Studies Book Prize

The invitation to submit a proposal for the 2016 Women in German Studies Book Prize, sponsored by Peter Lang, has been announced today on the Women in German Studies blog. The Women in German Studies Book Prize (for first books) was established in 2015. Sally-Ann Spencer (Victoria University of Wellington) was the inaugural winner. Her … Continue reading

New publication: The Doppelgänger

The Doppelgänger – the double, twin, mirror image or alter ego of someone else – is an ancient and universal theme that can be traced at least as far back as Greek and Roman mythology, but is particularly associated with two areas of study: psychology, and German literature and culture since the Romantic movement. Although … Continue reading

New publication: The Vanished Musicians

Praise for the German edition: «Dümling has traced a web of connections between yesterday’s Germany and today’s Australia, a history of disgrace, culpability, neglect, unlikely twists of fate and even the occasional happy end.» (Shirley Apthorp, The Australian) «Dümling is probably best known as the curator of Degenerate Music, an important exhibition about Nazi propaganda … Continue reading

Songbirds on the Literary Stage published

This interdisciplinary study, situated at the cross-section of music, literature and gender, examines the woman singer and her song as a literary motif in French and German prose fiction from the 1790s to the mid-nineteenth century. Through selected case studies, this diachronic history of motifs offers a fresh perspective on canonical singer archetypes, such as … Continue reading

The Men with Broken Faces published

Facially wounded servicemen were perhaps the ultimate victims of the First World War. They became walking reminders of the conflict and their experiences reveal the impact of the war not only on the combatants but also on European societies at large. This book explores for the first time the individual and collective significance of facially … Continue reading

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