journalism, Media Studies

The End of Journalism Version 2.0

This book brings together the work of British, American and Australian scholars and practitioners in a substantially new edition of this popular collection. It examines the practices of reportage in an era of social networking and online news, an age of altered audience expectations in which the biggest tabloid scandal is the conduct of the… Continue reading The End of Journalism Version 2.0

Irish Studies, Poetry

Of Mermaids and Others

This volume is a critical introduction to the poetry of Irish writer Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill. Writing poetry exclusively in Irish but allowing and overseeing translations of her work into several languages, primarily English, Ní Dhomhnaill is the first Irish-language poet to gain an international following. She is also a pioneer in fostering a renewed relationship… Continue reading Of Mermaids and Others

Art, Art History, Cultural Studies, English literature, Film Studies, Irish Studies

The Crossings of Art in Ireland

The essays in this volume explore interartistic connections in Irish literature, drama, film and the visual arts. Within modern and postmodern culture, innovation is often driven by surprising interrelations between the arts, and this book offers a discussion of this phenomenon and analyses a number of artworks that move across disciplines. Several contributors examine the… Continue reading The Crossings of Art in Ireland

Hispanic Studies, Lusophone

The Anthology in Portugal

Following on from Patricia Anne Odber de Baubeta’s The Anthology in Portugal: A New Approach to the History of Portuguese Literature (2007), these new essays explore further the issues of reception, translation and canonicity. The three authors have produced complementary studies that focus on the role of anthologies in promoting international literary exchange, evaluate the… Continue reading The Anthology in Portugal

history, Religious Studies

Landscapes of Power

This volume contains selected papers from the XV International Graduate Conference, highlighting the latest scholarship from a new generation of Late Antique and Byzantine scholars from around the world. The theme of the conference explored the interaction between power and the natural and human environments of Byzantium, an interaction that is an essential part of… Continue reading Landscapes of Power

Business, Ethics

Co-Charismatic Leadership

Current theories of leadership, spirituality and ethics are inadequate for the global, rapidly changing and complex environment in which leaders work today. Emerging from this book’s critical analysis comes a new theory of leadership: co-charismatic leadership. This does not mean leadership focused in ‘charisma’, or the special qualities or charm of an individual. Charisma originates… Continue reading Co-Charismatic Leadership

Film Studies, Ireland, Irish Studies

Zélie Asava on the background to The Black Irish Onscreen

Zélie Asava, author of The Black Irish Onscreen, introduces her book to readers of the online magazine Film Ireland - please click here to read the article. Zélie is also interviewed about her experience of being mixed race and Irish on the blog Mixed Race Family, where she explains how she came to write the… Continue reading Zélie Asava on the background to The Black Irish Onscreen

Book launch, Japanese Studies

Book launch: Japan Copes with Calamity

The Japanese book launch of Japan Copes with Calamity, edited by Tom Gill, Brigitte Steger and David H. Slater, will take place on Friday 31 January at 6:15 pm at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, Tokyo. If you would like to attend, please click here to register for the event. For non-members, please email… Continue reading Book launch: Japan Copes with Calamity

Book launch, Ireland, Irish Studies

Book launch: Ireland and the Czech Lands

On 13 December 2013, Ireland and the Czech Lands, edited by Gerald Power and Ondřej Pilný, was launched in the Prague literary cafe Krásný ztráty. The event was organized jointly by the Embassy of Ireland in Prague and Metropolitan University Prague and included a concert by the Czech-Irish music group Conamara Chaos. The book was… Continue reading Book launch: Ireland and the Czech Lands

Indian Literature, Literature

The Literary Thing by Rosinka Chaudhuri

The imponderable value of the literary to critical discourse is given pre-eminence in this study of cultural turning points in the history of Bengali literature, so that we might investigate the place of the aesthetic in the composition of a literary culture without denuding it of its significance and aura or, for that matter, its… Continue reading The Literary Thing by Rosinka Chaudhuri