Cultural Contexts and Literary Forms published

Genres mutate, disappear, travel through translation and sometimes re-emerge. Traditionally viewed as a classificatory device, the idea of genre has been challenged by anti-genre theoreticians who question the possibility of reading texts merely through a typological framework. The essays in this volume contribute to a transcultural poetics through an engagement with genre, viewing it as … Continue reading

‘Spaces of the Book’ launch and ‘History of the Academic Book’ exhibition: @PeterLangOxford and Oxfam Bookshop St Giles #AcBookWeek

Peter Lang Oxford is delighted to take part in Academic Book Week in November! We are collaborating with the Oxfam Bookshop St Giles to bring two events to Oxford:   Books and Transmediality We present authors J. Khalfa and I. Chol and their latest publication Spaces of the Book, exploring the life of books ‘beyond … Continue reading

New book series launched! Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century

The new book series Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century has been formally launched at TORCH, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, where the series is based. For more information, please view the blog post by Executive Editor Tessa Roynon here. This series focuses on the history and culture of … Continue reading

‘Framing the MH17 disaster’: New article by How Pilots Live author Simon Bennett

The International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace (IJAAA) last week published a new article by How Pilots Live author Simon Bennett titled ‘Framing the MH17 disaster – more heat than light?’ The article is available for free from the IJAAA website: «I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand what … Continue reading

Excerpt from Mick Imlah: Selected Prose published by Scottish Poetry Library

Click here to read an excerpt from Mick Imlah: Selected Prose, published today on the Scottish Poetry Library’s website. The piece comes from Imlah’s 1994 review of Douglas Dunn’s poetry collection Dante’s Drum-kit. As well as a highly respected poet and editor, Mick Imlah (1956–2009) was one of the finest literary critics of his generation. … Continue reading

The Paradigm Case published

With the migration of cinema into the art gallery, artists have been turning, with remarkable regularity and ingenuity, to Alfred Hitchcock-related images, sequences and iconography. The world of Hitchcock’s cinema – a classical cinema of formal unities and narrative coherence – represents more than the spectre of a supposedly dead art form: it transcends its … Continue reading

Translation and Popular Music published

Research on translation and music has so far focused mainly on «art music» and on issues such as quality, singability and accessibility. Studies which seek to embed translation and music within their historical and sociocultural contexts are relatively rare. This book aims to shed light on how translations of popular music contribute to fostering international … Continue reading

Invisible Languages in the Nineteenth Century published

The great linguistic diversity of spoken languages contrasts greatly with the much smaller number of languages used in written discourse. Many linguistic varieties – in particular, regional and minority languages – are not deemed suitable for writing because they do not possess the necessary lexical wealth or grammatical complexity. Such prejudices are commonplace amongst non-linguists … Continue reading

Views of Albion published

Views of Albion is the first comprehensive study of the reception of British art and design in Central Europe at the turn of the twentieth century. The author proposes a new map of European Art Nouveau, where direct contacts between peripheral cultures were more significant than the influence of Paris. These new patterns of artistic … Continue reading

Visions of Ireland published

The Amharc Éireann film series (literally translated as Views/Visions of Ireland) was a cultural nationalist project sponsored by Gael Linn, an organization whose mandate was the revitalization of the Irish language through the use of modern media and technology. It was produced by Colm Ó Laoghaire, a member of a well-known Irish literary and nationalist … Continue reading

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