Hispanic Studies, Portuguese literature

Feminine Singular published

Women have often chosen to tell their secrets, confide their dreams and express their deepest and most intimate thoughts in diaries, letters and other forms of life-writing. Although it is well established as a genre in the Anglophone and Francophone traditions, there has been very little publication of life-writing in the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds… Continue reading Feminine Singular published

Queer Studies

Queering Paradigms IVa published

Queering Paradigms IVa: Insurgências queer ao Sul do equador, junto com o volume Queering Paradigms IV: South-North Dialogues on Queer Epistemologies, Embodiments and Activisms (Lewis et al. 2014), divulga de forma multilíngue pesquisas apresentadas no 4° Congresso Internacional Queering Paradigms (QP4), sediado no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Ambos os volumes compartilham o objetivo de analisar… Continue reading Queering Paradigms IVa published


La complejidad de los idiomas published

Este libro recorre distintos campos de la lingüística (fonología, morfología, sintaxis, semántica) en busca de las principales características que hacen que los idiomas sean más simples o más complejos. Luego procura medir dichas características, a través de indicadores tales como el número de sonidos, la extensión promedio de los enunciados o la frecuencia con la… Continue reading La complejidad de los idiomas published

Competition, Italian Studies

Young Scholars Competition in Modern Italian Studies

ITALIAN MODERNITIES BOOK SERIES, 2007-2017 To mark the 10th anniversary of the Italian Modernities book series, Peter Lang Oxford is delighted to announce the Young Scholars Competition in Modern Italian Studies 2017. Proposals for the competition should be submitted to Christabel Scaife (c.scaife@peterlang.com) by 15 April 2017. These should include a book proposal (including rationale,… Continue reading Young Scholars Competition in Modern Italian Studies

Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Television Studies

Becoming Vampire published

Becoming Vampire is an interdisciplinary study of how the figure of the vampire in the twenty-first century has been used to create and define difference, not as either a positive or negative attribute, but as a catalyst for change and the exploration of new identity positions. Whilst focusing on the films Let Me In and… Continue reading Becoming Vampire published

Music, Religious Studies

They Bear Acquaintance published

Identifying the roots of African American spirituals and other religious folk music has intrigued academics, hymnologists and song leaders since this genre came to the public eye in 1867. The conversation on origins has waned and waxed for over eighty years, sometimes polemical, sometimes compromising. They Bear Acquaintance looks at this discussion through the output… Continue reading They Bear Acquaintance published

Religious Studies

The English Protestant Churches since 1770 published

This book aims to describe and analyse the political and social thinking, attitudes and actions of the English Protestant churches since the late eighteenth century. It focuses in particular on how they have responded to the plight of the least privileged members of society – individuals and groups marginalised or placed at a disadvantage as… Continue reading The English Protestant Churches since 1770 published

French, French Literature

L’Eclat du voyage published

Que se joue-t-il entre le voyage et la littérature au début du XXe siècle ? Cet ouvrage se penche sur les œuvres de Blaise Cendrars, de Victor Segalen et d’Albert Londres pour comprendre comment s’articulent le voyage et son écriture autour du motif de l’éclat. Dans ces trois œuvres, le lien entre soi, le monde… Continue reading L’Eclat du voyage published