French, history

The Enlightened Physician

Geoffrey Wall’s narrative biography of Achille-Cléophas Flaubert, the father of the author of Madame Bovary, follows him from his birth in a French provincial town a few years before the Revolution through to his distinguished career as a physician in an industrial city. Growing up under the corrosive anguish of the Terror, he emerged as… Continue reading The Enlightened Physician

Irish Studies

George Moore and the Quirks of Human Nature

The engaging figure of Irish writer George Moore (1852-1933) comes to life in this collection of essays on his works and influences. So often considered as dangerously controversial in his lifetime, his literary output can now be appreciated as groundbreaking, artistically sophisticated and particularly significant for the innovations he introduced into English literature. In this… Continue reading George Moore and the Quirks of Human Nature

Linguistics, Politics

Negotiating Linguistic Identity

This volume addresses the themes of language, identity and linguistic politics in Europe. The twelve essays draw on approaches and methodologies from a range of disciplines, from sociolinguistics and contact linguistics to cultural history, psychology and policy studies. Together, they offer a collection of views on how language, society and identity are perceived to be… Continue reading Negotiating Linguistic Identity

Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies

Mapping the Tasteland

This book draws together the results of extensive research into the complex relationships that some modern European and Argentinean writers have enjoyed with food and wine. The European writers considered include Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin, Honoré de Balzac, Charles Baudelaire, Italo Svevo, Marcel Schwob, James Joyce and Robert Louis Stevenson; their Argentinean counterparts include Domingo… Continue reading Mapping the Tasteland

English literature, Irish Studies

Helen Waddell Reassessed

The Irish writer and critic Helen Waddell burst onto the publishing scene of the 1920s and 1930s as a phenomenon, a scholar whose books became instant bestsellers. Cross-fertilizing academic research with a vivid imagination, her literary history The Wandering Scholars explores the secular joys of the scholares vagantes, an emotional undercurrent traceable throughout the ascetic… Continue reading Helen Waddell Reassessed

Italian Studies, Theology

Reviewing Dante’s Theology

The two volumes of Reviewing Dante’s Theology bring together work by a range of internationally prominent Dante scholars to assess current research on Dante’s theology and to suggest future directions for research. Volume 1 considers some of the key theological influences on Dante. The contributors discuss what ‘doctrine’ might have meant for Dante and consider… Continue reading Reviewing Dante’s Theology

French Literature, Gender Studies

From Bad Boys to New Men?

This book is the first critical survey of the work of Éric Jourdan. Jourdan first came to public attention as a schoolboy in 1955, when he published Les Mauvais anges, a sulphorous novel of adolescent male-to-male love, which was banned by the censors in 1956 and again in 1974. It did not officially appear until… Continue reading From Bad Boys to New Men?

Cultural Studies, European Studies, Ireland, Irish Studies

Ireland, West to East

Through increased immigration, Ireland has encountered Central and Eastern Europe in a very direct manner since the mid-1990s. However, there was already a scattered history of cultural communication between these two regions, even if these dialogues have often been discrete and discontinuous. Recovering and exploring some of these diverse interrelationships, this volume charts some of… Continue reading Ireland, West to East

history, Nationalism, Politics

Totalitarian and Authoritarian Discourses

This volume offers a comparative analysis of the functioning of totalitarian and authoritarian discourses and their aftermath. Whereas other studies often focus on communist/post-communist examples and hence particularize totalitarian discourse, this book starts from a more encompassing theoretical perspective, transcending the limitation of totalitarian discourse to its communist constituent. The case studies presented in this… Continue reading Totalitarian and Authoritarian Discourses

Cultural Studies, Film Studies, German Literature and Culture

Re-forming the Nation in Literature and Film

In the year that Europe commemorates the centenary of the outbreak of World War I and the European Union faces a crisis of legitimacy, the national question is once again being posed across the Continent. This volume assesses how contemporary German-language writers and filmmakers have approached this troubled question over the last decade. It addresses… Continue reading Re-forming the Nation in Literature and Film