Media and Communication

Interdisciplinary Communication Studies

Series Editor: Colin B. Grant, Seung-Mock Yang and Tino Meitz

This series publishes research (monographs and edited volumes) of an international standard in the field of interdisciplinary communication studies. It responds to the communication gaps between a range of disciplines in the human and social sciences and humanities and therefore welcomes proposals which integrate a range of diverse approaches (for example, in branches of philosophy, communication theory, social psychology, media studies, and social theory). Particular emphasis will be placed on theoretical innovation, new methodological approaches and the genuinely interdisciplinary work without which communication studies cannot grow.

New Studies in European Cinema

Series Editors: Wendy Everett and Fiona Handyside

With its focus on new critical, theoretical, and cultural developments in contemporary film studies, this series encourages lively analytical debate within an innovative, multidisciplinary, and transnational approach to European cinema. It aims to create an expansive sense of where the borders of European cinema may lie and to explore its interactions and exchanges within and between regional and national spaces, taking into account diverse audiences and institutions. The series reflects the range and depth of European cinema, while also attempting to revise and extend its importance within the development of cinema studies in the coming decades. Of particular interest is how European cinema may respond to the challenges of digital distribution and the new intermedial landscape, evolving issues in transnational funding and production, the significance of film festival culture, and questions of multivocality and pluralism at a time of global crisis. The impact of all such developments upon European culture and identity will be of fundamental interest in the coming decades and the New Studies in European Cinema series makes a key contribution to this debate.

Proposals for monographs and edited collections are welcome. All proposals and manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer review assessment prior to publicatio

For information about submitting proposals to this series, please contact


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