New Series: Language, Migration and Identity

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce the launch of the new series Language, Migration and Identity This series fills a hitherto neglected but now growing area in the treatment of migration: the role of language and identity. This topic is central in a globalized world where the definition of community is constantly challenged by … Continue reading

Béatrice Bonhomme: Le mot, la mort, l’amour

Ce recueil d’études, ce Festschrift, fête l’œuvre de Béatrice Bonhomme et en même temps en fait l’analyse critique. Depuis vingt ans Bonhomme nourrit la poésie française de sa contribution d’écrivain, de professeur de lettres à Nice et d’éditrice de la revue Nu(e) où elle accueille les meilleurs poètes de notre temps. Cet ouvrage reflète entre … Continue reading

House of Lords Reform: A History, Volume 2

Peter Raina’s House of Lords Reform recounts the long struggle to bring an ancient institution up to date. The first volume ended in 1937, as crisis overwhelmed Europe. Reform issues were not forgotten, however. This second volume continues the story, presenting a wealth of illuminating records, a great many of them published here for the … Continue reading

New Series: New Approaches to Applied Linguistics

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce the launch of the new series New Approaches to Applied Linguistics This series provides an outlet for academic monographs and edited volumes that offer a contemporary and original contribution to applied linguistics. Applied linguistics is understood in a broad sense, to encompass language pedagogy and second-language learning, discourse … Continue reading

Dialectic and Paradox

From Hegel to the present, the humanities and social sciences have revealed the volatile power of third agency. Systems of thought and practice are often disturbed by the presence of a figure that exceeds traditional binary oppositions. The articles in this volume trace the role of these triadic figures across a broad range of discourses … Continue reading

Women Matter / Femmes Matière

This volume is based on papers given at the biennial Women in French conference held in Leeds in May 2011. Drawing on a range of interconnecting disciplines and forms of cultural production, it explores the relationship between French and Francophone women and the material world. Bringing together researchers from the United Kingdom, France and other … Continue reading

The Shaping of English Poetry Volume III

This third volume of essays under the title The Shaping of English Poetry includes, as in the previous volumes, essays on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Langland, Chaucer and Spenser; it also includes essays on Beowulf and Dante. It was never the author’s intention to exclude Old English poetry from the historical continuum of … Continue reading

Écarts et apports des médias francophones

Cet ouvrage regroupe les contributions de la journée du français qui a eu lieu à l’Université d’Oxford en décembre 2010 sous l’intitulé « Comme on nous parle ! Culture et média francophones ». Les textes se répartissent selon deux axes : d’une part les médias oraux sous toutes leurs formes qu’ils soient radiophoniques, télévisuels ou … Continue reading

Modern Theories of Politics

Everything you ever wanted to know about modern political theory, but never dared to ask … This book offers a concise introduction to the main ideas and arguments of the major political thinkers of modernity. It considers the following key thinkers: Hobbes, Locke, Bentham, J. S. Mill, Rousseau, Burke, Hegel and Marx. Perhaps the best … Continue reading

Review of Forecasts of the Past

Forecasts of the Past: Globalisation, History, Realism, Utopia by Dougal McNeill is reviewed on the Socialist Alternative website. Click here for the review. Whatever happened to realism? What form is adequate to representing our moment, situated as we are after the end of ‘the end of History’? In the face of youth revolts and workers’ … Continue reading

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