German Literature and Culture

English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse, 1871-1945

This volume contains selected papers from an international conference of the same name held at Queen Mary, University of London, on 10-11 November 2010. The contributions from scholars working in the fields of modern political and cultural history, political science, modern European literature and linguistics provide interdisciplinary perspectives on nationalism and anti-Semitism in English- and… Continue reading English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse, 1871-1945

Translation Studies

Subtitling Matters

Drawing on recent theoretical developments in second language acquisition, this book proposes a new approach to the learning of foreign languages through subtitled audiovisual input. Subtitled text is explored as a source of language acquisition, and its dialogue and subtitle components are focused on as sources of linguistic input. The primary focus of the research… Continue reading Subtitling Matters


Language, Learning and Teaching

This book showcases recent work carried out by members of the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics (IRAAL). By focusing on the relationship between language and its users within the micro context of Ireland, the contributors generate insights which promise to open up future avenues for Applied Linguistics research, both in Ireland and beyond. The collection… Continue reading Language, Learning and Teaching


New Series: Historical Sociolinguistics

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce its new series: Historical Sociolinguistics: Studies on Language and Society in the Past The interdisciplinary field of Historical Sociolinguistics seeks to reveal the impact of language development on society and the role of individuals and society in the changing forms and usage of language. This book series is… Continue reading New Series: Historical Sociolinguistics

Irish Studies

Beautiful Strangers

This groundbreaking collection examines popular and literary culture in the 1950s through the lens of postwar Ireland. The 1950s are at once a site of cultural nostalgia and of vital relevance to twenty-first-century readers. The diverse essays collected here offer insight into the artistic effects of austerity on both creators and consumers of 1950s culture,… Continue reading Beautiful Strangers

German Literature and Culture

Tyrol or Not Tyrol

On 19 June 1992 Austria and Italy declared the official resolution of the South Tyrol question - the dispute that had dominated relations between the two countries since the end of the First World War. While this bilingual province is today held up as a triumph of minority rights protection and a model for post-conflict… Continue reading Tyrol or Not Tyrol


Fashion, Devotion and Contemplation

  Italian Renaissance 'plaquettes' are often stored and displayed as a homogeneous category or genre in museum collections due to their apparently uniform small relief format. This has resulted in a scholarly literature that has concentrated largely on connoisseurship and taken the form of catalogues, thereby both responding to and propagating the myth of this… Continue reading Fashion, Devotion and Contemplation

Art, French, Literary criticism, Literature

Le Coeur dans tous ses états

Ce volume examine les différents aspects de la notion de coeur afin de mieux définir ce concept auquel il est souvent fait allusion dans différents contextes sans qu'il soit pour autant rigoureusement défini. Sans ignorer la métaphore traditionnelle de l'amour et des sentiments qu'est le coeur, les différents chapitres qui composent le volume s'intéressent également… Continue reading Le Coeur dans tous ses états

Film Studies

Ilija Trojanow

Ilija Trojanow, born in Bulgaria in 1965 and brought up in East Africa, established his name as an international writer with the novel Der Weltensammler or The Collector of Worlds (2006), about the cross-cultural Victorian adventurer Sir Richard Francis Burton. Since the mid-1990s Trojanow has been prolific in a number of genres, including travel, ethnography and science fiction. He… Continue reading Ilija Trojanow

Literary criticism, Literature

The Shaping of English Poetry, Volume II

This second volume of essays under the title The Shaping of English Poetry continues the project set out in the Preface to the first volume, discussing the three golden poets of the Golden Age of English poetry in the second half of the fourteenth century. The first two essays address the great alliterative poems Sir Gawain and the… Continue reading The Shaping of English Poetry, Volume II