Translation Studies

Translating the Multilingual City

Translation is a textual and discursive practice embedded in competing cultural identities and language ideologies; it is a site through which we can observe the operations and implications of language power. In this regard, multilingual societies provide fertile ground for the exploration of translation practice from the perspective of sociolinguistic tension. This book examines the… Continue reading Translating the Multilingual City


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Book launch, English literature, Poetry

Book Launch: The Shaping of English Poetry, Volumes II and III

The Shaping of English Poetry, Volume II and The Shaping of English Poetry, Volume III by Gerald Morgan will be launched at 6pm on Friday 10th May at the Trinity Long Room Hub, the Arts and Humanities Research Institute of Trinity College Dublin.

Italian Studies, Psychology

Psychiatry, Subjectivity, Community

Law 180, which abolished mental asylums in Italy, was passed in 1978. It came to be known as the ‘Basaglia Law’, after the physician whose work revolutionised psychiatry in Italy and worldwide. Franco Basaglia (1924-1980) battled to overturn an obsolete but prevalent conception of psychiatry, rooted in the asylum, where allegedly dangerous madmen were incarcerated… Continue reading Psychiatry, Subjectivity, Community


Perceiving Identity through Accent

Given the increasing use of English worldwide and in intercultural communication, there is a growing interest in attitudes towards non-native speaker accents in English. Research on attitudes towards non-native English accents is therefore important because of concerns about positive and negative discrimination between people who speak with different accents. This book reveals exactly what types… Continue reading Perceiving Identity through Accent

African Studies

Critical and Creative Education for the New Africa

This book is about re-inventing Africa – it aims to induct a new cohort of dedicated professionals, guided not by material gains and power, but by personal commitment, in building a better society. It is about an education that develops responsible citizens inspired by the desire to serve their fellow men and women, people who… Continue reading Critical and Creative Education for the New Africa

Russian Literature

Mastering Chaos

«This is an interesting and important book, the first attempt to encapsulate the highly idiosyncratic œuvre and career of Evgeny Popov, a major and controversial figure in the late Soviet and post-Soviet literary landscape.» (Michael Pushkin, University of Birmingham) «Morris is excellent in his treatment of the writer’s attitude towards the past and history; and… Continue reading Mastering Chaos

Utopian Studies

The Shape of Utopia

Upon its original publication in 1970, Robert C. Elliott’s The Shape of Utopia influenced both some of the major scholars of an emerging utopian and science fiction studies, including Darko Suvin, Louis Marin and Fredric Jameson, and authors of new utopian fiction ranging from Ursula K. Le Guin to Kim Stanley Robinson. The book establishes… Continue reading The Shape of Utopia