Contemporary Greek Film Cultures from 1990 to the Present published

This collection of new writing on contemporary Greek cinema builds and expands on existing work in the field, providing a coherent analysis of films which, despite their international importance, have so far received limited critical attention. The volume maps key trends in Greek cinema since the 1990s within the wider context of production and consumption … Continue reading

Sarah Neely speaking at BFI Reuben Library about Margaret Tait

Sarah Neely, author of Between Categories: The Films of Margaret Tait. Portraits, Poetry, Sound and Place, will be speaking at the BFI Reuben Library on Monday 10 April. Described by novelist Ali Smith as “A pioneer. A modernist. A far sight. A first voice. An original. A maker.” (The Margaret Tait Years) Margaret Tait’s work … Continue reading

New book on Margaret Tait to be launched at the Glasgow Film Festival

Between Categories: The Films of Margaret Tait: Portraits, Poetry, Sound and Place, by Sarah Neely, will be launched at the Glasgow Film Festival on 16 February. The event has been organised by LUX Scotland and will be held at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. Sarah Neely will be in conversation with actor/writer/director Gerda … Continue reading

Becoming Vampire published

Becoming Vampire is an interdisciplinary study of how the figure of the vampire in the twenty-first century has been used to create and define difference, not as either a positive or negative attribute, but as a catalyst for change and the exploration of new identity positions. Whilst focusing on the films Let Me In and … Continue reading

Andreas Dresen published

« Andreas Dresen belongs to a select group of leading German filmmakers whose successful career unfolded after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This collection of essays, the first focused entirely on the by now already extensive oeuvre of the DEFA-trained filmmaker, […] is an enticing invitation to contemplate the many important contributions Dresen has … Continue reading

Between Categories: The Films of Margaret Tait published

Margaret Tait – filmmaker, photographer, poet, painter, essayist and short story writer – is one of the UK’s most unique and remarkable filmmakers. She was the first female filmmaker to create a feature-length film in Scotland (Blue Black Permanent, 1992). Although for most of her career Tait remained focused on the goal of making a … Continue reading

Peter Lang attending MeCCSA in January

Peter Lang will be attending MeCCSA this January, and Lucy Melville, Publishing Director, would be delighted to hear from scholars looking to place their work in one of our series, or as standalone monographs and collected editions. She is now coordinating appointments and would be glad to hear from you. Alternatively, please come by the … Continue reading

Mapping Cinematic Norths published

Mapping Cinematic Norths presents an international range of research and enquiry into the significance, representation and manipulation of depictions of the ‘North’ in cinema and television. Northern landscapes, soundscapes, characters and narratives are defined and recognized as distinctive image-spaces within film and television. However, the ‘North’ is portrayed, exploited and interpreted in divergent ways by … Continue reading

Author Gregory Frame speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

Gregory Frame, author of The American President in Film and Television, will be speaking about his research at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Saturday 8 October: From The West Wing to Independence Day, fictional US presidents are everywhere on screen. Do they have any actual bearing on our understanding of the presidency, or the United … Continue reading

Masculinities in American Western Films published

The «Western» embodies many of the stereotypes of masculinity: rugged, independent men in cowboy hats roam the barren landscapes of the American West, resolving conflicts with guns and tough talk. Where did these cowboys come from? What historical trends led to their emergence on screen? This book explores the relationship between the Western, film and … Continue reading

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