New publication: Supporting Internationalisation through Languages and Culture

Orme cover‘Internationalisation’ is a key issue impacting on higher education today, but what is actually meant by this term and how does it relate to the notion of ‘global citizenship’, which also features prominently on the higher education agenda? How does the promotion of foreign language learning and intercultural communication help inform the pursuit of internationalisation? And, as the twenty-first century progresses, how are universities meeting the challenges of developing languages-based curricula that reflect the requirements of an increasingly global marketplace?
This book brings together ten interconnected chapters from an international group of scholars who explore how language teaching and learning strategies and cross-cultural understanding support the cause of internationalisation in the modern higher education arena. The book will be of interest to both managers and practitioners who require an understanding of how the promotion of languages and intercultural knowledge informs the cause of internationalisation at strategic and operational levels within contemporary higher education.

Available for purchase here.

Mark Orme is Principal Lecturer in the School of Language, Literature and International Studies at the University of Central Lancashire. His teaching and research interests embrace aspects of contemporary France, with particular reference to French existentialist thought and literature and French cinema, as well as the psychology of teaching and learning. He is the author of The Development of Albert Camus’s Concern for Social and Political Justice: ‘Justice pour un juste’ (2007) and co-editor of Albert Camus in the 21st Century: A Reassessment of His Thinking at the Dawn of the New Millennium (2008) and La passion du théâtre: Camus à la scène (2011).


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