Peter Lang at Queering Paradigms 9 @QueeringP

We are pleased to be attending Queering Paradigms 9, ‘Queer(y)ing Justice in the Global South’, on 11-13 July 2018 at the University of Sydney. Publishing Director Lucy Melville ( will be in attendance. Please stop by our bookstand to have a look at previous volumes in the Queering Paradigms book series. Looking forward to seeing … Continue reading

Series re-launch: Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture

Peter Lang welcomes book proposals for the series Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture Series Editor: Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly, University of Oxford Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture continues the mission of the book series Women in German Literature, which launched nearly twenty years ago. Originally focused primarily on … Continue reading

Queering Paradigms IVa published

Queering Paradigms IVa: Insurgências queer ao Sul do equador, junto com o volume Queering Paradigms IV: South-North Dialogues on Queer Epistemologies, Embodiments and Activisms (Lewis et al. 2014), divulga de forma multilíngue pesquisas apresentadas no 4° Congresso Internacional Queering Paradigms (QP4), sediado no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Ambos os volumes compartilham o objetivo de analisar … Continue reading

Queering Paradigms VI published

This edited volume brings together perspectives on embodied queerness within the complicated parameters of hegemonic normativities, biopolitics and social-religious governmentalities. Queering Paradigms VI offers queer interventions, explores value-production in socio-corporeal normative frameworks, and exemplifies and highlights the complexity of queering in the global–local continuum. Queer maintains its revolutionary subversive functionality as an impulse and catalyst … Continue reading

The Variable Body in History published

The essays in this book explore the different ways the body has been experienced and interpreted in history, from the medieval to the modern period. Challenging the negative perceptions that the term ‘disability’ suggests, the essays together present a mosaic of literary representations of bodies and accounts of real lives lived in their particularity and … Continue reading

INCISE: New centre led by Queering Paradigms series editor Professor Bee Scherer

Congratulations to Professor Bee Scherer on the launch of the new centre INCISE: Intersectional Centre for Inclusion and Social Justice at Canterbury Christ Church University! Read about the centre here. The centre is the new home for Peter Lang’s Queering Paradigms book series edited by Professor Scherer. Queering Paradigms is a series of peer-reviewed edited … Continue reading

Queering Paradigms V published

The authors of this edited volume use a queer perspective to address colonialism as localized in the Global South, to analyse how the queer can be decolonized and to map the implications of such conversations on hegemonic and alternative understandings of modernity. This book is distinct in at least four ways. First, its content is … Continue reading

New publication: Eccentricity and Sameness

«‘Eccentricity and Sameness ’adds a new chapter to the history of same-sex relations between women in modern Europe. Shedding light on Italy’s dark sexual past, Ross explores multiple discursive realms, including sexology and literature, to show convincingly why the study of lesbianism matters.» (Laura Doan, Professor of Cultural History and Sexuality Studies, University of Manchester) … Continue reading

New publication: Queering Paradigms IV

South-North Dialogues on Queer Epistemologies, Embodiments and Activisms is composed of research presented at the fourth international Queering Paradigms Conference (QP4), held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In line with the QP project ethos of bringing together diverse epistemological and geographical allegiances, this volume intends to contribute to building a queer postcolonial critique of the … Continue reading

Queering Paradigms III

Queer Impact and Practices brings together chapters arising from the third annual Queering Paradigms conference. Queer Theory is still evolving and extending the range of its enquiry. It maps out new territories via radical contestations of the categories of gender and sexuality. This approach de-centers assumptions of heteronormativity, but at the same time critiques a … Continue reading

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