Peter Lang at the BAFTSS Conference

Peter Lang is delighted to be attending the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (@BAFTSS) Conference in London next week. Please come by the Peter Lang bookstand on 24-25 April to see our latest publications and meet with Commissioning Editor Dr Laurel Plapp. To schedule an appointment, please contact

A selection of Peter Lang titles will be available for purchase at a 30% discount at the conference, including the following new publications:
Blair coverOld Borders, New Technologies: Reframing Film and Visual Culture in Contemporary Northern Ireland
By Paula Blair
Winner of the 2012 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Film Studies

This book presents four thematic studies revolving around the issues of imprisonment, surveillance, traumatic recall and myth-making in Northern Ireland. These studies examine the ways in which artists and filmmakers are experimenting with film aesthetics and new media technologies to address the anxieties that continue to trouble the society.

For more information: Discount price: £31.00



Handyside coverCinema at the Shore: The Beach in French Film
By Fiona Handyside
Series: New Studies in European Cinema, edited by Wendy Everett and Axel Goodbody

Cinema at the Shore argues that some of the most iconic moments in French cinema are associated with the beach, rather than the Parisian cityscape. Examining films from the 1950s to the present, from Brigitte Bardot in her bikini to François Ozon’s queer cinema, this book offers new ways of conceiving of the spatial politics of French cinema.

For more information: Discount price: £29.00



Bacon & Bronk cover

Undead Memory: Vampires and Human Memory in Popular Culture
Edited by Simon Bacon and Katarzyna Bronk
With a Foreword by Sir Christopher Frayling

Undead Memory explores the role that vampires play in how we remember our pasts and imagine our futures. From keepers of archives to symbols of memorial practice, the vampire in literary and filmic representations has embodied the human struggle with memory and identity. This volume offers new readings of key popular texts from Buffy to Let Me In.

For more information: Discount price: £41.00



Cinquegrani coverOf Empire and the City: Remapping Early British Cinema
By Maurizio Cinquegrani
Series: New Studies in European Cinema, edited by Wendy Everett and Axel Goodbody

This book explores the cinematic representation of the city in British film 1895-1914, from London to Delhi. The author argues that the films are not only an invaluable record of these cities but also that the spatial organization of these urban areas, and the cinematic representations of them, were shaped by the ideology of imperialism.

For more information: Discount price: £31.00



McMahon coverListening to the French New Wave: The Film Music and Composers of Postwar French Art Cinema
By Orlene Denice McMahon
Series: New Studies in European Cinema, edited by Wendy Everett and Axel Goodbody

This book offers the first detailed study of the music and composers of French New Wave cinema, offering a new look at this popular film movement. The author challenges the view that these films were revolutionary because of their reliance on traditional approaches to music yet highlights New Wave directors who adopted contemporary music practices.

For more information: Discount price: £31.00


Sprio coverMigrant Memories: Cultural History, Cinema and the Italian Post-War Diaspora in Britain
By Margherita Sprio
Series: Cultural Memories, edited by Katia Pizzi

Migrant Memories provides an innovative perspective on the power of cultural memory and the influence of cinema on the Italian diaspora in Britain. Based on extensive interviews with Southern Italian migrants and their children, this study offers a fresh understanding of the migrants’ journey from Italy to Britain since the early 1950s.

For more information: Discount price: £31.00


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