Stereotypes, Ideology and Foreign Correspondents reviewed in the Irish Times

  Fergal Lenehan’s new book Stereotypes, Ideology and Foreign Correspondents: German Media Representations of Ireland, 1946-2010 was reviewed in the Irish Times on Saturday 1 October, by their Berlin correspondent Derek Scally. Please click here to read the review. This book examines German media representations of Ireland from 1946 to 2010, from the post-war period … Continue reading

Stereotypes, Ideology and Foreign Correspondents published

This book examines German media representations of Ireland from 1946 to 2010, from the post-war period to the years of the so-called «Celtic Tiger» and Ireland’s subsequent economic downturn. It charts both the patterns and the inconsistencies in depictions of Ireland in the weekly publications Der Spiegel and Die Zeit, as well as in German … Continue reading

Mapping Berlin published

This book was the winner of the 2013 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in German Studies. The Weimar period (1919–1933) generated an immense wealth of writings that recorded impressions of daily life in the German capital of Berlin. Literary journalism, in particular, experienced a surge in popularity at the time and played a vital role … Continue reading

Guardian Review of The Tabloid Century

Roy Greenslade, Professor of Journalism at City University, has reviewed The Tabloid Century, authored by Adrian Bingham and Martin Conboy, in today’s issue of The Guardian. Please click here to read the review. Popular newspapers played a vital role in shaping British politics, society and culture in the twentieth century. This book provides a concise … Continue reading

New publication: Tabloid Century

‘Adrian Bingham and Martin Conboy combine their customary analytical rigor with an engaging style in order to produce the first wide-ranging study of the contents of mass-circulation newspapers from Northcliffe to Murdoch. Authoritative and accessible, Tabloid Century is an ideal guide for anyone wanting to learn about the history of the twentieth-century popular press.’ — … Continue reading

New publication: BBC and Television Genres in Jeopardy

This book considers British television from the point of view of executive producers: the people who employ the workforce and are in charge of making all television series. The focus of the book is twenty-one separate genres, at least seven of which are in significant decline – namely current affairs, education, natural history, science, arts, … Continue reading

The End of Journalism Version 2.0

This book brings together the work of British, American and Australian scholars and practitioners in a substantially new edition of this popular collection. It examines the practices of reportage in an era of social networking and online news, an age of altered audience expectations in which the biggest tabloid scandal is the conduct of the … Continue reading

Br(e)aking the News

What is the breaking news in the world today? How did you find out this news? How do you know it is true? Was it reported ethically? What checks and balances are being put on the news media? The answers to these questions reflect the themes of this book. The chapters are by experienced journalists, … Continue reading


In an exciting new title for Peter Lang Oxford Alec Charles analyses the impact of interactive media on contemporary politics and society. From the Arab Spring to the British summer riots of 2011, from the War on Terror to The X Factor, from social networking sites to online electioneering the influence of new media technology is clear to see. … Continue reading

War, Journalism and History

War, Journalism and History: War Correspondents in the Two World Wars War, Journalism and History is the first published work to examine an eclectic mix of correspondents during the two world wars who were prepared, often at great personal cost, to inform the public about the obscenity of warfare. Throughout both world wars the lack of … Continue reading

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