Book launch for Matteo Dutto’s Legacies of #Indigenous Resistance at the European Association for Studies of #Australia (#EASA)

Matteo Dutto’s book Legacies of Indigenous Resistance: Pemulwuy, Jandamarra and Yagan in Australian Indigenous Film, Theatre and Literature was launched at the European Association for Studies of Australia (EASA) annual conference in Toulon, France in September 2019. Australian Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives series editor Anne Brewster, Mitchell Rolls and Stephen Muecke all spoke at the event, alongside author Matteo … Continue reading

Indigenous Cultural Capital published

«This is a groundbreaking discussion of the representation of Aboriginal people in children’s literature. Importantly the book confirms Aboriginal agency through the deployment of indigenous cultural capital. The analysis of the circulation of cultural capital in Aboriginal writing is a significant and timely intervention into indigenous studies.» (Bill Ashcroft FAHA, Australian Professorial Fellow, University of … Continue reading

Futuristic Worlds in Australian Aboriginal Fiction published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first volume in the World Science Fiction Studies series, edited by Sonja Fritzsche. This is the first study that brings together the theory of the fantastic with the vibrant corpus of Australian Aboriginal fiction on futurities. Selected works by Ellen van Neerven, Sam Watson, Archie Weller, … Continue reading

Australian Indigenous Studies published

This book provides a guide to research and teaching in an Australian Indigenous Studies that is oriented toward the diverse, contemporary world. Central to this perspective is a sensibility to the intercultural complexity of that world – particularly its Indigenous component – and an awareness of the interactional capabilities that the Indigenous (and others) need to successfully … Continue reading

New book series launched: Australian Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Peter Lang Oxford is delighted to announce the launch of the new book series Australian Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives Series Editor: Professor Anne Brewster, University of New South Wales This interdisciplinary book series showcases dynamic, innovative research on contemporary and historical Australian culture. It aims to foster interventions in established debates on Australia as well as … Continue reading

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