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Jana Buresova awarded the Honorary Silver Medal of Jan Masaryk

Jana Buresova has been awarded the Honorary Silver Medal of Jan Masaryk by the Czech Republic for her book The Dynamics of Forced Female Migration from Czechoslovakia to Britain, 1938–1950. Dr Buresova was honoured at an event at the Czech Embassy on 5 November 2019. The Honorary Silver Medal is awarded by the Ministry of… Continue reading Jana Buresova awarded the Honorary Silver Medal of Jan Masaryk

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New publication by Sophie Heine: For a Sovereign Europe

  We are pleased to announce the publication of For a Sovereign Europe, introduced here by the author, Sophie Heine:   Available for purchase here. While anti-European forces are still raging, pro-Europeans seem impotent and deprived of a strong, clear and convincing alternative. This book is an attempt to fill that void: reacting to the… Continue reading New publication by Sophie Heine: For a Sovereign Europe

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New books in #MemoryStudies @MemoriesFutur @KatiaPORT @IMLR_News

We are pleased to announce new books in the Cultural Memories series edited by Katia Pizzi. Books in the series will be on display and for sale at the Memories of the Future conference at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at the Institute of Modern Languages Research on 29-30 March 2019. Please come… Continue reading New books in #MemoryStudies @MemoriesFutur @KatiaPORT @IMLR_News

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Disenchanted Europeans published

‘In a feat of careful research and textual analysis, Mikołajewski captures the way these Polish exile writers moved physically and existentially across the chasm of the Second World War, adjusting their views to the massive shifts in politics and society the war entailed. In the case of Bobkowski, his wartime anti-Semitism was an element he… Continue reading Disenchanted Europeans published

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Contemporary Greek Film Cultures from 1990 to the Present published

This collection of new writing on contemporary Greek cinema builds and expands on existing work in the field, providing a coherent analysis of films which, despite their international importance, have so far received limited critical attention. The volume maps key trends in Greek cinema since the 1990s within the wider context of production and consumption… Continue reading Contemporary Greek Film Cultures from 1990 to the Present published

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European Community – Yugoslav Relations published

« This volume is an immense service to the field. With its extensive and informative introduction (which also carefully interrogates the value, limitations, and possible uses of the documents found therein), and its many helpful annotations, this collection provides an impressively detailed exploration of a longstanding and fl irtatious liaison between the government of socialist… Continue reading European Community – Yugoslav Relations published

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Commemorating Conflict published

One of Europe’s youngest nations and the most recent member-state of the European Union, Croatia, forged its national identity in the so-called Homeland War, the bloody civil conflict that raged between 1991 and 1995 and ultimately led to independence from Yugoslavia. Since then, a culture of war commemoration has emerged that continues to shape and… Continue reading Commemorating Conflict published

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Ireland and the Czech Lands

In recent years Irish scholars have become increasingly interested in Ireland’s profound and ongoing relationship with continental Europe. This volume is the first multidisciplinary collection of essays on Irish comparisons and contacts with the Czech Lands from the early modern period to contemporary times. Written by leading specialists and emerging scholars, the essays explore Irish-Czech… Continue reading Ireland and the Czech Lands

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Readings in Twenty-First-Century European Literatures

Readings in Twenty-First-Century European Literatures brings together analyses of post-2000 literary works from twelve European literatures. Sharing a common aim – that of taking the first step in identifying and analysing some of the emergent trends in contemporary European literatures – scholars from across Europe come together in this volume to address a range of… Continue reading Readings in Twenty-First-Century European Literatures

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Book Launch: Hungary and Romania Beyond National Narratives

Hungary and Romania Beyond National Narratives, edited by Anders E. B. Blomqvist, Constantin Iordachi and Balázs Trencsényi, will be launched at 5pm on Thursday 13th June. The launch will take place in Budapest as part of the conference Catastrophe and Utopia: Central and Eastern European Intellectual Horizons, 1933 to 1958.