Geoff Rodoreda wins Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (GAPS) Dissertation Award 2018

Geoff Rodoreda has won the Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (GAPS) Dissertation Award 2018, announced at their annual conference in Mainz, Germany on 10 May 2018. His winning PhD thesis formed the basis of his book, The Mabo Turn in Australian Fiction. Congratulations to Geoff! Read about his research here.   Advertisements

Indigenous Cultural Capital published

«This is a groundbreaking discussion of the representation of Aboriginal people in children’s literature. Importantly the book confirms Aboriginal agency through the deployment of indigenous cultural capital. The analysis of the circulation of cultural capital in Aboriginal writing is a significant and timely intervention into indigenous studies.» (Bill Ashcroft FAHA, Australian Professorial Fellow, University of … Continue reading

Book launch: The Safe House Down Under

The Safe House Down Under: Jewish Refugees from Czechoslovakia in Australia 1938-1944, by Anna Rosenbaum, will be launched at 2pm on Sunday 18 March at the Sydney Jewish Museum. The main speaker will be Mark Alfred Dreyfus, Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for National Security. Please click here for more information and to RSVP.   … Continue reading

The Mabo Turn in Australian Fiction published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first volume in the Australian Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives book series, edited by Anne Brewster. This is the first in-depth, broad-based study of the impact of the Australian High Court’s landmark Mabo decision of 1992 on Australian fiction. More than any other event in Australia’s legal, political … Continue reading

Unbridling the Western Film Auteur published

According to Jim Kitses (1969), the Western originally offered American directors a rich canvas to express a singular authorial vision of the American past and its significance. The Western’s recognizable conventions and symbols, rich filmic heritage, and connections to pulp fiction created a widely spoken «language» for self-expression and supplemented each filmmaker’s power to express … Continue reading

When Novels Perform History published

«The dramatic dichotomies of immersion vs estrangement provide the hermeneutic framework for this innovative take on recent Australian and Canadian fiction’s engagement with history. Theoretically sophisticated and meticulously researched, When Novels Perform History studies the performative/theatrical modes deployed in well-selected examples of postcolonial historical fiction, offering ways to challenge national myths while telling (or, rather, … Continue reading

Book launch: Futuristic Worlds in Australian Aboriginal Fiction

Iva Polak’s monograph Futuristic Worlds in Australian Aboriginal Fiction will be launched on Thursday 14 December at the Zagreb cafe and bookclub U Dvoristu (In the Backyard). Keep an eye on the cafe’s Facebook page at for further details! This is the first book in our World Science Fiction Studies series, edited by Sonja Fritzsche. … Continue reading

The Safe House Down Under published

After the demise of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, the Jewish population fell victim to Nazi persecution. Hoping to find a safe haven elsewhere in the world, some Czechoslovak Jews turned to Australia to seek refuge. This book focuses on their struggles to survive in life-threatening situations and their efforts to reach the safety of the … Continue reading

Futuristic Worlds in Australian Aboriginal Fiction published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first volume in the World Science Fiction Studies series, edited by Sonja Fritzsche. This is the first study that brings together the theory of the fantastic with the vibrant corpus of Australian Aboriginal fiction on futurities. Selected works by Ellen van Neerven, Sam Watson, Archie Weller, … Continue reading

History and Fiction is shortlisted for the William Atheling Jr Award – Congratulations, @GillianPolack!

History and Fiction: Writers, their Research, Worlds and Stories by Gillian Polack has been shortlisted for the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review, part of the Australian SF (‘Ditmar’) Awards 2017. Congratulations, Gillian! The full shortlist for the 2017 awards are available here, including Gillian’s nomination under the ‘Best Novel’ category, as well! … Continue reading

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