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Simon Bennett publishes new article on work with the UK National Police Air Service

Simon Bennett, ‘Crew resource management’s contribution to flight safety and operational effectiveness at the UK National Police Air Service, as understood by flight-crew’. Int. J. Human Factors and Ergonomics, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2019.

Read the full article here.

Abstract: National Police Air Service (NPAS) pilots and tactical flight officers (TFOs) were asked a series of questions about the teamwork standard known as crew resource management (CRM). It was agreed that CRM supported safe flight and mission effectiveness. Interviewees claimed CRM was useful in helping crewmembers navigate traumatic, high-stress incidents such as murders and riots. Interviewees claimed the CRM skillset supported objective analysis of personnel issues, such as overbearing pilots or under-performing TFOs. Some suggested the constituency for CRM training should be expanded to include dispatchers, managers and others connected with the NPAS. As the interviews and flight-deck observations progressed, it emerged that the relationship between the bases and headquarters had become strained, possibly affecting morale. The NPAS must create a trusting, open and inclusive culture in which critique is welcomed and good ideas implemented. The tenets of CRM could inform transformation.

Simon Bennett edits the book series Systems Thinking for Safety with Peter Lang.


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