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Unbridling the Western Film Auteur book launch

Is the Western a vehicle for expressing complex ideas of national and transnational identity? Unbridling the Western Film Auteur, which undertakes the task of answering this question, was officially launched last Friday.

In attendance were both editors, Emma Hamilton and Alistair Rolls. The book was launched at the Newcastle City Campus (NewSpace), Australia, by Associate Professor Jo May, a history lecturer who has also undertaken research into history on film.

Speaking at the book launch, Alistair Rolls said that ‘Such a book would be hard to sell to a University Press for the very reason that it does not appeal to a wide readership … Peter Lang have an excellent international reputation in inter alia Modern Languages (especially the European Languages, including my own area of French Studies), Film Studies and certain areas of Education. In particular, they are publishers who encourage interdisciplinary projects, which by their very nature test paradigms and eschew easy assimilation by lay readerships.’

Unbridling the Western Film Auteur is now available in both print and electronic format.

Emma Hamilton is also author of Masculinities in American Western Films.

Alistair Rolls is also editor of Mostly French: French (in) Detective Fiction and Masking Strategies: Unwrapping the French Paratext.

Jo May is the author of Reel Schools: Schooling and the Nation in Australian Cinema.



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