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Series re-launch: Studies in Modern German and Austrian Literature

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Studies in Modern German and Austrian Literature series with two new co-editors:

Studies in Modern German and Austrian Literature

Series Editors

Dr Robert Vilain, Professor of German and Comparative Literature, University of Bristol

Dr Benedict Schofield, Head of Department of German, King’s College London

Dr Alexandra Lloyd, Lecturer in German, University of Oxford

Studies in Modern German and Austrian Literature is a broadly conceived series that aims to publish significant research and scholarship devoted to German and Austrian literature of all forms and genres from the eighteenth century to the present day. The series promotes the analysis of intersections of literature with thought, society and other art forms, such as film, theatre, autobiography, music, painting, sculpture and performance art. It includes monographs on single authors or works, focused historical periods, and studies of experimentation with form and genre. Wider ranging explorations of literary, cultural or socio-political phenomena in the German-speaking lands or among writers in exile and analyses of national, ethnic and cultural identities in literature are also welcome topics.
Proposals are invited for monographs, high-quality doctoral dissertations revised for book publication, focused collections of essays (including selectively edited conference proceedings), annotated editions and bibliographies. Senior figures in the academic profession as well as early career or independent scholars are encouraged to submit proposals. All proposals and manuscripts will be peer reviewed. We publish in both German and English. This series is a successor to Studies in Modern German Literature, edited by Peter D.G. Brown.


Forthcoming 2018

The GDR Today: New Interdisciplinary Approaches to East German History, Memory and Culture

Edited by Stephan Ehrig, Marcel Thomas and David Zell

Rethinking Black German Studies: Approaches, Interventions and Histories

Edited by Tiffany N. Florvil and Vanessa D. Plumly

New Perspectives on Contemporary Austrian Literature and Culture

Edited by Katya Krylova


Proposals for monographs and edited collections are welcome. For more information, please contact Dr Laurel Plapp, Senior Commissioning Editor, Peter Lang Ltd, 52 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LU, United Kingdom. Email: Tel:  ++44 (0)1865 514160.


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