Southern Hemisphere Ethnographies of Space, Place, and Time published

This book is about exciting ethnographic happenings in the Global South. It brings together a wide range of authors who explore the spatial and temporal forms of various ethnographic projects, examining how individuals relate to their homes, their nation-states and their «moments» and trajectories. It also seeks to contest the twenty-first-century hegemonic colonialist project: to this end, the book includes a number of shorter chapters that are presented in both English and non-English versions. Finally, a clear contemporary Indigenous voice runs through the volume, reminding us of non-dominant ways of being in the world.

Available for purchase here.

Robert E. Rinehart is Associate Professor of Health, Sport and Human Performance at the University of Waikato. He has published eight books, ranging in subject matter from inline skating to pleasure in sport, extreme/avant-garde sport and studies in ethnographic practice. He is a past President of the Association for Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines.


Jacquie Kidd is Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing at the University of Auckland and President of the Association for Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines. She is from the Ngāpuhi iwi and focuses her work on Māori health inequities.


Antonio Garcia Quiroga is a lecturer in the Department of Education at the University of Santiago. He is an anthropologist specializing in education, focusing particularly on the experience of educational transition and the cultural contexts of educational institutions and learning processes, where he utilizes narrative studies and ethnographic approaches mainly based on visual methodologies.


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