Book proposals welcome: German Studies in America

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to invited book proposals for the German Studies in America series:

German Studies in America

Series Editors: Celia Applegate, Gail Hart, Kai Evers, Susan Gustafson and Peter Meilaender

German Studies in America publishes research across the field of German studies in the broadest sense, from literary criticism to cultural studies. The editors welcome scholarly work that takes an innovative approach to German, Swiss, or Austrian history, literature, politics, philosophy, national identity, religion, popular culture, film, music, and/or visual art. We are also eager to consider projects that adopt interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches as well as studies with theoretical approaches including psychoanalysis, gender studies, feminism, Marxism, critical race studies, etc. We publish scholarly monographs, translations and edited volumes of essays in both German and English. This series adheres to the highest academic standards and is peer reviewed.

Vol. 74

Das Kalb vor der Gotthardpost: Swiss Culture, History, and Politics in the Work of Peter von Matt

Edited by Peter Meilaender and Hans Rindisbacher

Forthcoming 2018

Vol. 73

The Eye and the Gaze: Goethe and the Autobiographical Subject

By Evelyn K. Moore

Proposals are welcome for monographs or edited collections. For further information or to submit your book proposal, please contact one of the editors, Susan Gustafson (, Gail Hart (, Celia Applegate (, Kai Evers (, Peter Meilaender (, or the Senior Commissioning Editor, Laurel Plapp (


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