Spanienbilder aus dem deutschsprachigen Exil published

In seinen Romanen Die Jüdin von Toledo (1955) und Goya oder Der arge Weg der Erkenntnis (1951) zeigte Lion Feuchtwanger während seines kalifornischen Exils eine ausgeprägte Neigung zu Spanien. Diese Neigung zeigten auch andere der vielen Schriftsteller, die im Dritten Reich gezwungen waren, Deutschland zu verlassen, manchmal über Spanien. Im Gegensatz zum Italienbild wurde das … Continue reading

Unbridling the Western Film Auteur published

According to Jim Kitses (1969), the Western originally offered American directors a rich canvas to express a singular authorial vision of the American past and its significance. The Western’s recognizable conventions and symbols, rich filmic heritage, and connections to pulp fiction created a widely spoken «language» for self-expression and supplemented each filmmaker’s power to express … Continue reading

Natasha’s Dress published

«Paola Colaiacomo’s book is a remarkable and vital study of Bloomsbury and its afterlife in literature, art and fashion. It moves subtly from Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry on to Katherine Mansfield and Luigi Pirandello. The illumination of a crucial period in modern culture is accomplished with skill and eloquence.» (Harold Bloom) «Colaiacomo provides fascinating … Continue reading

New paperback edition available: Napoleon’s Other War

«A brilliantly written and highly original contribution to a neglected but crucial aspect of Napoleonic Europe.» (Professor T.C.W. Blanning, University of Cambridge) «Michael Broers demonstrates in this lively and entertaining book that Napoleon’s ‘other war’ against draft dodgers, deserters, bandits and guerrilla insurgents shaped Europe and the world as powerfully as conventional warfare ever did. … Continue reading

New paperback edition available: Gender and Leadership in Education

The under-representation of women in leadership positions in educational settings is a widely acknowledged, complex phenomenon that seems to persist, despite the fact that teaching as a profession is dominated by women. Over recent decades, scholars have investigated the factors contributing towards this under-representation, with a particular focus on the personal, organisational and social/cultural levels. … Continue reading

Scholastic Realism published

The aim of this work is to respond to the following question: how did Charles S. Peirce find unity for his pragmatist philosophy through the formulation of Scholastic Realism? The author proposes the said doctrine to be a reading guide, leading us through the different stages of Peirce’s work as a philosopher. By understanding his … Continue reading

On Mysticism, Ontology, and Modernity published

This new study offers a serious and long-overdue examination of the unstable bifurcation between theology and secularity. Rather than understanding these two formative elements of culture to be in a constant state of opposition, the author chooses an alternative path toward their reconciliation. In this way, a constructive relationship is developed between secular and theological … Continue reading

The Wrong Ally published

The Wrong Ally analyses Pakistan’s state sovereignty in the context of state dependence on the US, both during the Cold War era and the War on Terror. This examination becomes all the more important considering that recent contentious issues between Pakistan and the US, such as the US drone strikes, the Kerry–Lugar Bill and the … Continue reading

The Pilgrimage and Conversion of Thomas Chalmers published

«David Jackson’s book reveals the intense ambiguities in Chalmers’ life, both the positives and the negatives, and sheds new light on one of the most intriguing churchmen of the nineteenth century.» (David Jasper, Professor Emeritus, University of Glasgow) This book follows the life and work of Thomas Chalmers (1780–1847) from his childhood in Anstruther to … Continue reading

Vacancy: Commissioning Editor – North UK, home-based

An exciting new opening is available for a full-time Commissioning Editor to join Peter Lang, based in the UK. We are seeking an enthusiastic, experienced and proactive colleague to support our acquisitions programme. The ideal candidate will be a native English speaker and have experience with academic book commissioning, ideally with a focus on history … Continue reading

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