Literary and Cultural Circulation published

An important question concerning literary studies is the circulation of literary works beyond their place of origin. Many other aspects must also be taken into consideration, such as the asymmetric positioning of authors and their work in international circulation, which is conditioned by the relative position of languages and cultures in the global market. This volume focuses on literary and cultural circulation and includes essays that explore this topic through case studies, analysing works and authors from diverse literatures and cultures, and discussions of the theoretical issues surrounding circulation and all that it entails: temporality, place, method, material objects and concepts.

Available for purchase here.

Also available in Portuguese here.

José Luís Jobim is Professor of Literature and Chair of the Graduate Program in Literary Studies at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil. He was President of the Brazilian Comparative Literature Association and has authored sixteen books and seventythree articles in Brazilian and international journals during his thirty-year career. His recent publications about literary and cultural circulation include Le dialogue Europe-Brésil dans l´oeuvre de Machado de Assis (Paris/Niterói: EDUFF, 2016) and «From Europe to Latin America», Journal of World Literature, vol. 1 (2016). He has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University and the Universidad de la República (Uruguay), among others.



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