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InHabit launched @TORCHOxford

InHabit: People, Places and Possessions, edited by Antony Buxton, Linda Hulin and Jane Anderson, was launched on 3 May 2017 at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities  (TORCH). It was featured as part of the Centre’s fortnightly book discussion ‘Book at Lunchtime’.

The event was chaired by Elleke Boehmer, Director of TORCH and Professor of World Literature in English.

The volume editors were joined by Cathy Oakes and Oliver Cox, both from the History of Art, University of Oxford.

Also in attendance were J. B. Bullen, editor of the book series Cultural Interactions: Studies in the Relationship between the Arts, in which the book was published, and several contributors to the volume.

Thank you to TORCH for hosting the event! Congratulations to all on a successful launch!

The volume editors (left to right): Linda Hulin, Antony Buxton and Jane Anderson:


Introduction by TORCH director Elleke Boehmer:

Speakers Jane Anderson, Linda Hulin and Oliver Cox:










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