Uncovering English-Medium Instruction published

drljaca-margic-cover« A timely and well-balanced critical analysis of the pressures and opportunities of initiating EMI in the higher education system. This country-wide study highlights why educational practice and innovation under internationalization need customizing to the local context.. » (Robert Wilkinson)

« A highly enlightening book, which will be of great value to both experienced researchers and students interested in the impact of introducing EMI in higher education. It not only gives a very clear overview of the situation in Croatia but is also a model for designing and carrying out research in this particular area. » (Josep Maria Cots)

English-medium instruction (EMI) is a complex educational innovation and a prerequisite for active participation in the process of internationalizing academia. Given its impact on today’s universities, it is crucial that EMI should be effectively and responsibly implemented.

This book draws on a range of theoretical and empirical insights to explore the implications of EMI for stakeholders and describe the measures that should be taken to capitalize on its strengths and respond to its challenges. Using questionnaires, interviews and classroom observation, the authors investigate two academic communities – one that has undertaken instruction in English and one that has not – to weave together teacher and student attitudes, experiences, expectations and needs, along with comparative findings from classroom practice in Croatian and English.

By analysing EMI in a local academic context against the backdrop of the global higher education landscape, this book offers a glocal perspective and opens up new avenues for reflection and action that will be relevant to educational institutions undergoing change.

Available for purchase here.

Branka Drljača Margić is Lecturer and Head of the English and Applied Linguistics Section in the English Department at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka.

Irena Vodopija-Krstanović is Lecturer and Vice-Dean for Education at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka.

Branka and Irena run the «Internationalization of Study Programmes» project and the «Language Support for Teachers in EMI» lifelong learning programme.

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