Metalinguistic Perspectives on Germanic Languages published

rutten-horner-coverIn what ways has language been central to constructing, challenging and reconfiguring social and political boundaries? This volume traverses space and time to explore the construction of such boundaries. Focusing on the ways that language functions as an inclusive and divisive marker of identity, the volume includes case studies on Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium  and Luxembourg. It also explores the northern and southern borderlands of present-day Germany as well as the city of Cologne and the surrounding Ruhr area. The chapters critically engage with focused accounts of past and present language situations, practices and policies. Taken as a whole, the volume stresses the importance of studying metalinguistic perspectives as a means of enabling detailed analyses and challenging generalizations.

Available for purchase here.

Gijsbert Rutten is Senior Researcher in the Historical Sociolinguistics of Dutch and Assistant Professor in Dutch Historical Linguistics at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. He currently directs the research project ‘Going Dutch: The Construction of Dutch in Policy, Practice and Discourse, 1750-1850’, which analyses language policy, language ideologies and the impact of nation building on language use.

Kristine Horner is Reader in Luxembourg Studies and Multilingualism at the University of Sheffield, where she is also Director of the Centre for Luxembourg Studies. She has published widely in the areas of language politics, language ideologies and multilingualism. She is currently leading research projects on language and citizenship as well as experiences of multilingualism in Luxembourg.


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